topographic umbrella

topographic umbrella/ commonwealth

A topographic ‘umbrella stand’ is nature inspired, precisely natural geographic topography mimicking milled contours of natural landscapes. Made of blocks of hardwood reveal convenient grooves for flush placement of the thin bent ply rails which gives structure to the holder. Depending on the heaviness of water pour, the grooves will fill with water creating little ponds, lakes or even flood the little landscape..

brelli umbrella

the brelli umbrella/ brelli

It’s chic, supremely functional, and, of course, environmentally responsible.
The biodegradable BRELLI is sustainably made from bamboo, a renewable resource, and features a unique, patented, biodegradable PVC clear canopy.

ella umbrella

ella umbrella/ eneverdesign

Capturing dripping water from wet umbrellas and using it to grow grass. Ella creates a stimulating fun product to brighten up otherwise uninspiring entrance halls.
As water drips down from the wet umbrella, it flows down through a perforation into the base feeding the soil and allowing the grass to grow. The smaller container includes a fast growing grass seed.
by Simon Enever