Since the Italian furniture brand ALIAS specialises in furniture made from aluminium, the idea was to create a chair made of four aluminium “twigs” and a seat. While the aluminium structure of all of the chairs is the same, five upper portion unit variations feature differing shapes, colours, and materials.
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stick table/ Esra Jakobsson

In our everyday life we are surrounded by products. Products that we use frequently but have stopped noticing. By playing with used christmas trees as material the Stick was born. Stick can be attached to a tabletop or a seat to serve as a leg and therefore creating the finished product. The leg is two parted, wood and steel. The composition of these materials strengthen each other as separately they wouldn’t work as legs. Stick is designed to make the user notice their ordinary everyday objects and hopefully make him smile.

Project by Esra Þór Jakobsson

re-design: matches

re-design: matches

re-design – daily products of the 21st century

The project for re-design of design for Kenya Hara, was answered by a lighting designer Kaoru Mende, who Hara asked to reconsider matches. his concept was to take twigs and coat their tips with a combustible substance. The idea behind this was that, these small sticks have a final role before returning to the soil.