“I’m interested in ceramics because of its universal and ancestral nature, but also due to the closeness of the ceramic technique in natural processes and phenomena: earth, water and fire interact in the same way as they do in nature but in a process controlled by man”.
+ Martin Azua

wooden balloon

wooden balloon/ Evelina Kudabaite

Wooden Balloon is an exaggeration of the cross-breeding process, transformation of a tree into an object of celebration. Trees are often regarded as objects. They are cross-bred to make them thicker and stronger, affect their growth or even change the color of their leaves. The process of making the Wooden Balloon takes the transformation game to another level and enables one to experiment with pigments made from different parts of a tree. By mixing tree fibres collected in Heiðmörk forest with bioplastics made from natural substances, an entirely new, flexible and easily degradable material is created. Balloon as an object gains additional value due to its personal way of production and natural materials.
Project by Evelina Kudabaite


stick table/ Esra Jakobsson

In our everyday life we are surrounded by products. Products that we use frequently but have stopped noticing. By playing with used christmas trees as material the Stick was born. Stick can be attached to a tabletop or a seat to serve as a leg and therefore creating the finished product. The leg is two parted, wood and steel. The composition of these materials strengthen each other as separately they wouldn’t work as legs. Stick is designed to make the user notice their ordinary everyday objects and hopefully make him smile.

Project by Esra Þór Jakobsson


Brickola / Alcarol

In Venice, paline and bricole (group of three paline) are timber poles, planted in the Laguna seabed. The bricole’s external surface is left intentionally intact, in order for the markings left by tides and molluscs to act as reminders of the Venetian sojourn of this characteristic recovered timber. All parts sawn from bricola poles undergo accurate and painstaking washing, cleaning, drying and disinfection procedures and they are finally protected by a thin layer of beeswax.

british hat stand

British hat stand / Sebastian Cox

This simple hat stand is adjustable – when an object is placed on a hook it drops, gripping to the stem and securing the hat or jacket at that chosen height.
+ sebastian cox

among the trees

among the trees / Vyrobeno Lesem

A collection of bowls and vases blown into the trees. The resulting form copies the structure of the treeand the product line represents the view from aboveto the depth of the forest.
Among the trees for Vyrobeno Lesem
+michaela tomiskova
+vyrobeno lesem


Sculpted / Lutyk

Useful sculpture? A seat with an extra function for exercise? Noble material? It’s difficult to classify this object. Trying to break away from the aesthetics of home exercise equipment, I searched for the simplest possible form that could evoke a home atmosphere.

split chair

split chair / roni shalmon

Inspired by the simple branching of tree branches, here is the chair designed by Roni Shalmon.
+ roni shalmon


branch / tool and bark

Have you ever put so many coats on a coat rack that it fell over?
Neither have we but in case that were to happen, we’ve found the perfect solution.
Inspired by the form of a tree, we developed a coat rack that will not only never fall over because of its sturdy concrete base but can also handle a heavy weight load.


gone baking

gone baking / rendezwood

The Hot Spring Baking Experience Project
Gone Baking is an opportunity to go out and seek for adventure. Utilizing the forces of nature to create a unique experience of baking while breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery. With a map, with all the necessary instructions to find a hot spring baking area, basic ingredients for the bread and a box made out of Icelandic birch, the adventure can begin. The bread tastes sweet with a hint of birch, hot spring and 24 hour care.
Made out of locally produced Icelandic birch wood and cotton straps.
+ rendezwood

burn bowl

burn bowl / rendezwood

In an ever accelerating pace of urban life, there is a general urge to slow down in order to fully appreciate experiences. This concept was inspired by primitive methods of cooking and crafting to engage people in simple, outdoor pleasures such as tool making and cooking over an open fire.

tools for the new kitchen

tools for the new kitchen /martin azua

Workshop taught by Martin Azua in the XIII International Meeting of Turners in Galicia from 19 to 22 September in Xermade (Lugo).
Organized by the Centro Galego da Artesanía Foundation.

survivor collection

survivor collection / jack huston

The Survivor Collection of home wares are made from recycled New Zealand timber and are based on an existing technique used by survivalists while tramping or hunting in wilderness.

spaghetti bench

spaghetti bench/ pablo reinoso

Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches are plain benches with a spaghetti twist! Didn’t you ever had the feeling that a bench is like an island? Cut from the surroundings it just stands. It’s just there. Apart. Pablo Reinoso gives life to the everyday normal benches. He makes them a part of the surroundings, he makes those benches go back to nature, gives them a family.
+pablo reinoso

di corte

di corte/

Di Corte, designed by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori of Resign, is a series of chairs that remember their tree roots, still partially covered with tree bark.

reusable boo bag

'Boo bag' by Sung-un Chang

‘Boo bag’ by Sung-un Chang
The boo bag is a reusable grocery bag which is made of highly sustainable bamboo fabric.
When grocery shopping, the bamboo casing works as a handle and provides comfortable grip for the user’s hand.

czech forest

Czech forest/ vyrobeno lesem

The “Czech Forest” collection of hangers made of spruce wood is composed of the individual stages in the life of a tree in the forest.

roots system rug

roots system rug/ Matali Crasset for Nodus

Matali Crasset designed a rug ‘Roots’ in collaboration with Nodus. The woolen rug has four levels of height giving it three-dimensional quality that resembles the root system of a tree.

three ring web

three ring web/ design by : Zhang Jian + Ma Lian Lian

The inspiration of designing this web is from tree rings. And the web is aiming at promoting environmental protection. On the one hand, it calls on people to save paper. On the other hand, it transmits to people the awareness of environmental protection. The design does not increase the cost of the product but give the product a higher level connotation.
name of design : The Tree Ring Web
design by : Zhang Jian + Ma Lian Lian from china

creek chair

creek chair by Sandro Lopez

The concept behind Creek armchair is to fabricate a wooden design with a contemporary language.

invisible streetlight


Streetlight emits light at nighttime by saving energy from sunlight during the day. The most innovative element of Invisible Streetlight is that it does not require a support because the flexible body in the shape of tree branch is directly installed to the trees lining a street. Installation is simple in parks and outskirts of urban centers, and the Invisible Streetlight does not spoil scenic beauty of the surrounding areas.

tree in the meadow

tree in the meadow/ planbureau

The title Tree in the Meadow resembles a melody of the sixties. The composition implies a natural scene or a hayfield. Umbrella, newspaper, slippers, etc. can be stored among the slats. The slats are placed densely enough to create a sense of a continuous surface. This resulted in the experience of a strikingly comfortable sitting.


Kminky/ Vyrobeno Lesem

A collection of jewelry boxes with a mirror top evoking a freely carved tree, makes a statement about responding to the rapid retreat of the forests, making us reflect to mirror our time and pointing out to where we are going.

tree o’clock

tree clock / raphael charles

Raphael Charles’s new design Tree O’clock was presented in April at the Milan design week. The project is both a raw and a sensitive reflection on our relationship with time.

tree hut

tree hut/ 37.2 studio

A tree house mimicking indoor loft space designed by:

forest bench

forest bench/ vyrobeno lesem

The bench is made of the firewood Josef and Zde?ka stocked upsome 40 years ago. However, it did not end up in the fire. Due to a lucky chance, it was conserved in the form of half-round logs until it became a perfect material for the making of a bench. Broad-leaved trees from Central Bohemia; birch, hornbeam, ash tree; in combination with a load-bearing steel construction with a comaxit surface finish.
photo: Michael Tomeš

stripped lamp

stripped lamp/ floris wubben

With the Stripped design a piece of nature is transformed into a standing lamp, by a minimum number of modifications. It is an honest product, in which the natural form of the tree branch has been kept as much as possible.

slow charcoal

slow charcoal/ Formafantasma

In conjunction with a major retrospective on Gerrit Rietveld, the curator of Vitra Design Museum, Amelie Znidaric, has invited five of the most innovative designers working in the Netherlands to join a partner from the region in developing a design proposal.

re-design: matches

re-design: matches

re-design – daily products of the 21st century

The project for re-design of design for Kenya Hara, was answered by a lighting designer Kaoru Mende, who Hara asked to reconsider matches. his concept was to take twigs and coat their tips with a combustible substance. The idea behind this was that, these small sticks have a final role before returning to the soil.

recession chair

recession chair/ tjep

After visiting the Dutch Design Week in October 1012, I was struck by how little the design world seems to react to the immanent economic crisis threatening Europe and the world. So here is a little something to make up for my esteemed colleagues. Following up on the XXL chair from 2005 we now present the Recession Chair.


vivid/ sararoxanadesign

A product line consisting of a stool: Trust me, clothes hanger: Stick With Me, table: Remember me, jewelry tree: Spoil Me

engrain tactile keys

engrain tactile keys/ michaelroopenian

a computer keyboard that uses nature’s tactility to strengthen the relationship between user and interface;



And once again we are back with our beloved “briccole”….. Rising out of the surreal enchantment of the Lagoon of Venice, a magical metamorphosis restores its soul, free from time’s endless effort. Drawn together and united in rhythmic composition, their silent reflection extends across a shining sea of steel; timelessly.

driftwood lamps

driftwood lamps/ rebeccaasquith

I love walking along beaches looking at shells, finding interesting bits of wood, worn glass, and other flotsam and jetsam from the ocean.