landscapes within

Landscapes within / Wiktoria Szawiel

…so I dreamt about places, and I dreamt about landscapes, and I recalled familiar memories of sounds, views, feelings. From those little notions of a space, of light, of atmosphere, my project emerged. I aimed to capture the beauty and the spirituality of an eastern landscape within a physical object.
The collection includes chair, side table, stools and various vessels.
+ wiktoria szawiel

tam stools

tam stools/ peca

A sculptural clover or three stools: tam is both of those things. Like leaves that blow in the wind, the individual stools can land dispersed throughout the house, or they can stay together as a clover, for good luck. As light shines on the tam stools, their seats evoke the movement of a leaf that has been shed during autumn, landing on three legs made of solid ash wood. The organic cut of the seats highlights the grain of the ash and creates a unique topography in each piece.


Fåld/ Melajoki

Fåld is a sofa table made by die-cutting a 1980x2580x7 sheet of double corrugated cardboard. The actual product can be produced with just one pressing resulting the actual packing and product.