Stool “Crews of Hermes”

This stool is a piece of furniture from the “Crews of Hermes” collection. It was designed in collaboration with Hermes. The “Crews of Hermes” collection answers to a simple idea: to each piece of furniture its use.

cuddle stool


Cuddle is a stool created not only to enjoy a sitting on it but providing a shelter for your feet. Have a seat on it while working and enjoy the warmth of an wool upholstered cave laying underneath.
Or even better… have a seat on your sofa and rest your feet on this woollen nest.
+ Alex Quisite

the three stool


The Three Stool is a counter height stool that was designed as a collaboration with 18 KARAT to address the issue of material use in furniture. The aim of this project was to use the least amount of materials while maintaining maximum strength.
+ char kennedy



“Today the majority of housework is done standing and in a hurry. I wanted to create a piece of furniture which would allow me to comfortably perform household duties in the kitchen and celebrate them and enjoy them (while sitting).

dolomyth stools

dolomyth stools / Alcarol

Dolomyth aims to capture the complex relief of the Dolomites, which is rich in forms and the result of a successful and harmonious combination of structural shapes and climatic conditions. This unique and dynamic landscape is in constant geomorphological evolution, starting from the Miocene period, when rock layers began to emerge from the sea in which they had sedimented.
+ alcarol

rattan stool

Rattan Stool / Wiktoria Szawiel

a stool designed by Wiktoria Szawiel (from Poland), made of rattan, widely available, thus sustainable!

+ wiktoria szawiel

tubabu stool

tubabu stool / martin azua

Tubabu is a toned beech wooden stool. The three legs are inserted in the seat. The footrest is attached by a twisted cord that makes the whole stool stronger.
Design: Martín Azúa
+martin azua

get up

get up /Martin Azua

A collection of seats that invite to play and interact with them. Are weighted and seem to have interior life. The counterweight makes them to be upright to save space. They have different positions: as a stool, rocking chair, small seat…

stool production unit

stool production unit / Thomas Vailly

The stool production unit is a one man production unit to allow the designer to think, create, manufacture, exhibit and sell furniture.

energy stool

energy stool / marcel pasternak

Marcel Pasternak uses wax to build the stools, which then are casted in bronze to pay tribute to the eco-cycle of the framework found in the law of conservation of energy, in a transformation of this stored energy – the production process is modeled around Joseph Beuys’ fascination with bees, offering users a resting place to restore their energy, giving back to the insect.



the hangzhou stool

the hangzhou stool/ Chen min

The Hangzhou Stool consists of many layers of bamboo veneer of the thickness of 0.9mm. Each veneer again is made of several ultra thin bamboo layers that is aligned vertical to each other according to its natural direction of the bamboo fibres. In such way, each veneer becomes not only very flexible but also robust in all directions.

ribbon stool

ribbon stool/ lutyk

Ribbon is an innovative approach to a traditional material- plywood, which I bend in three directions, reinventing the methods of working with it.

twig stool

twig stool/ ilio

Like the calm and elegance of sedge grass around a pond, this stool and table combination brings comfort and ease to everyday life. Its simple appearance belies its advanced craftsmanship and design that allows it to be its own lever when carried.
+ ilio


laYours/ WenchuMan

laYOURs, is a system made out of four legs, that compress whatever material there is in between. It can be used basically as a stool, or a small corner table.


cloudscape/ joonjung

All nature is making relation and alive in everyday. It creates a constant surprising composition of shape and color. Mankind is individual, but sharing the common senses with group, and it makes them unique and
unified. Cloud Stool is inspired by the flexibility and softness of the cloudscape. It can be singular or become a group as a human being. It gives the illusion that it’s alive, by using irregularity, flexibility and subtle differences in tone of perception. Conclusively, the form interacts between objects, and people could explore with it.