self made seat


The Self-made seat roots from a refusal of seeing sofas monopolise the living space in our homes.
This arrangement can be changed around depending on the activities, the number of people and the time of day. It really encourages you to rearrange your space and be comfortable within.
+ matali crasset

a timber daybed

a timber daybed by chmara rosinke

In time for oneself you often need physical borders to get away from the habits of everyday life. A simple wooden daybed with foldable textile screens positioned over the daybad provide the feeling of safety and show also to other people how you feel. If you are open, if you do not want to be disturbed… this furniture reflects your moods and helps to bare them.
+ chmara rosinke


bac/ 5.5 design studio

BAC is designed just like a storage tub of the mass-market retailing in which all kind of pillows are loose mixed and presented. Potentially all the styles are possible because BAC is above all a receptacle, a packaging of comfort. The user is free to complete with pillows of his choice to get the style he likes. By playing on the imagination of the pillow, BAC proposes another vision of the comfort connected to the fantasy.

camp daybed

camp daybed/ stephaniehornig

The excessive upholstery and therefore required hard shells of a sofa make it a very bulky piece of furniture.

reborn cardboard sofa

reborn cardboard sofa/ monocomplex

Reborn cardboard sofa contains a meaning that it reuses cardboards which were dumped after wrapping products and revives it as a product for use.