spil / rendezwood

Low Tech Playful Accessories
Spil is a beginning of a collection of low tech travel games in the form of accessories. It is a back to basics reply to the smartphone overuse of the present.

undressing food

undressing food/ ingridhulskamp

Through redesigning our interaction with fruit my aim is to elevate the intimacy of our relationship with food, in response to the vast volume of food waste. Creating a milk-based packaging film, I engineered an edible outer-layer to be carefully peeled off by the user in delicate patterns, an intimate, meditative and time consuming experience that helps to increase the enjoyment of fruit.


_scape/ scape

_scape is a conceptual object for Icelandair that encourages passengers to break away from the confinement of their seat, by inviting them to embark on an imaginary journey:
“This is done through a collection of Iceland-inspired sensory elements which have been packaged into a tactile, soft, organic shape.