softblock paper partition


Softblock is one half of molo’s softwall + softblock modular system. Softblocks can be thought of as paper partition building blocks that stack and attach end to end, then quickly reconfigure to fulfill new functions. Their modular design gives paper softblocks impressive versatility in a variety of settings.
+ molodesign

leaf screen

leaf screen/ Quentin de Coster

Albero di feltro is a screen made of a stainless steel frame and synthetic felt body. Designed so as to make transport and installation more easy, this product is ideal to isolate a portion of room either in office, in a lounge or even in students lodgings.


tint / kristinefivemelvaer

The room dividers Tint are inspired by sheer curtains that flutter in the wind.


swarm /mikeandmaaike

Swarm is a room divider that offers great flexibility in density and scale enabling the creation of light-filled, intimate spaces within open environments. The self-standing units blend together when arranged in groups.