Vesa nestlet

VESA – is a project inspired by the ancient Baltic belief in nature. The old belief says: “The rustle of the trees – the language of the Gods”.
+ Egle Kirdulyte

cuddle stool


Cuddle is a stool created not only to enjoy a sitting on it but providing a shelter for your feet. Have a seat on it while working and enjoy the warmth of an wool upholstered cave laying underneath.
Or even better… have a seat on your sofa and rest your feet on this woollen nest.
+ Alex Quisite

2D & 3D seat

2D & 3D seat / Renate Vos

An idea which originated from weave experiments with the goal to make (hand)weaving recognizable as a craft but also to implement it in a new constructive way.

villa carino

villa carino/ augustina bottoni

Villa Carino is an adaptative, portable piece of furniture inspired in simple, nomadic ways of living. It is a response to the redundancy and over-saturation of current times.

shelter of nostalgia

shelter of nostalgia/ wmanupipatpong

The wooden structure is attached to an existing column like a tree house. In a way, the interior space transforms into artificial landscape.

nest hammock

nest hammock/ ievalaurina

The hammock is like a flying cloud. And it can make you fly as well.
It gives shelter from the busy everyday life, taking you into another world. It is like going back in time to your childhood, when everything seemed so easy and accessible and you could almost walk above the ground.

hush pod

hush pod/ freja sewell

A place to hide, a warm cocoon, a biodegradable space, a felt pod– Hush is all of these things and more. Designed by University of Brighton graduate Freyja Sewell, Hush is a snuggly pod that offers a quiet place to hide and escape. Hand-sewn from biodegradable local grey felt, this object-space is a private micro retreat that can be set up practically anywhere.
+ freyjasewell

calling booth

Calling Booth / tilt studio

The insights behind TILT’s latest products were conceived during codesign workshops with staff and patients at the Whittington Hospital in London.


unavailability/ gartnerfuglen

Noun 1. Unavailability – the quality of not being available when needed
As the smartphone is slowly taking over society, more and more people treasure the feeling when their battery runs out.

tree hut

tree hut/ 37.2 studio

A tree house mimicking indoor loft space designed by:

9 hours

9hours hotel

9 h is a capsule hotel offering luxury in a minimum living space, designed by Fumie Shibata of design studio S. The hotel design defines the elements necessary for a ‘minimal transit space’ in big cities in Japan.