scraped mirror

Scraped Mirror typifies designer’s experimental approach. One version uses scraped mirror film on bent plywood to create a visual transition from wood to mirror surface; the other features polished corroded metal to achieve its mirror effect.

+ Cecilia Xinyu Zhang


Petali is inspired by the traditional Venetian mirrors produced since centuries in Murano. The piece offers a contemporary interpretation of the traditional mirrors, but preserving the traits of refinement and uniqueness that distinguish them.

split mirror

A mirror reflects reality – but only part of it. The Split Mirror does this on three sides. Thanks to the fold in the sheet of coated metal that splits the mirror, you can see yourself three times, from different angles.
+ ontwerpduo


Narciso is a project which started with the intention of designing some vases, focusing on the functionality of the vase as an object. But what is the function of a vase? They are used to display flowers. Narciso is a collection of six different vases which use mirrors to draw attention to the role of the flowers.
+ giorgia zanellato

triangle mirrors

triangle mirrors / Marvin Freitas

An unexpected shape for a mirror, yet it works unexpectedly beautifully.

+ marvin freitas

francis mirror

francis mirror/ constanceguisset

Francis is a circular mirror born from chromatic experiences with pigments on water.
Make-up palette or ageing signs ? The user contemplates himself through the luminous oxydation that reminds a planet in an illusion of convexity.


Kminky/ Vyrobeno Lesem

A collection of jewelry boxes with a mirror top evoking a freely carved tree, makes a statement about responding to the rapid retreat of the forests, making us reflect to mirror our time and pointing out to where we are going.


illusions /ni-aa

“As we look back on the span of human civilization, we can consistently see the pursuit of the essence of tools and the sequence of refining them. Tools have become very much tied to the philosophical sensibility of human beings.