ritual match striker

Roman inspired by starting each morning clear of mind, with an acceptance for what the day holds, celebrating the rituals and moments that the beginning of each day brings.
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match tree

Fire – is an important symbol of Lithuanian culture.
In ancient times lithuanians were called fire worshipers.
In every house there was a hearth with fire that was cherished a lot.
It was mothers responsibility to protect and maintain the fire.
It was not only the source of light and heat, it also embodied the continuity of the family, family life and relationships.

Together with Dominyka Barkauskaite

calendar made of matches

calendar made of matches/ Yurko Gutsulyak

Why is this project a sustainable one? Any time a product combines two or more functions in one object, it saves materials, thus becoming more sustainable. In this case the product is both a calendar and a set of matches.

re-design: matches

re-design: matches

re-design – daily products of the 21st century

The project for re-design of design for Kenya Hara, was answered by a lighting designer Kaoru Mende, who Hara asked to reconsider matches. his concept was to take twigs and coat their tips with a combustible substance. The idea behind this was that, these small sticks have a final role before returning to the soil.