reversed leaves

Reversed volumes / mischer traxler

Reversed Volumes – leaves are part of the Reversed Volumes collection designed by mischer’traxler for PCM.
Reversed Volumes are shaped by capturing the imprint of vegetables/fruits/leaves and an existing bowl or plate. The imprints of three different species of leaves (diffenbachia, ficus elastica, monstera), all varying in style, size and colour form the leaf-plates.
+ mischer 

leaf desk

leaf desk by Tilt studio

The LeafDesk is a table designed for collaborative working. There was a need for desking that could accommodate flexible working, be easily shared and facilitate high density working. It cannot stand alone as a single desk, it must be interconnected to support itself, an exciting design idea and an apt metaphor for collaborative working.

leaf hooks

leaf hooks/ Jung Hwajin

Leaf cover which gives birth to new life in a nailed and dead space. Design which brings new vitality with leaf growing out from the wall.