eaten by knits

Knitted Chair / soojin kang

The primary aim of this hand made collection is to convey the beauty of traditional crafts and dysfunctional objects and how they challenge traditionally established perceptions in bewtween fahion design and art.

white material

white material/ ferreol babin

“We are surrounded by an impressive quantity of objects and utensils, each one with a specific use : cooking, do-it-yourself, crafts, upkeep… hammer, pestle, brush, paintbrush, feather duster, spatula, trowel, scraper, knife…


_scape/ scape

_scape is a conceptual object for Icelandair that encourages passengers to break away from the confinement of their seat, by inviting them to embark on an imaginary journey:
“This is done through a collection of Iceland-inspired sensory elements which have been packaged into a tactile, soft, organic shape.

objects of another age

objects of another age/ evarielland

The project « Objects of another age » is to rethink high tech tools to make them easily understood by all, and particularly by the elderly.

felt mouse

felt mouse/ joeyroth

“I was inspired by the mouse’s intimate contact with the human skin, which is unique among peripherals. Although it’s more similar to a glove or shoe than a printer, mice are typically made from the same thermoplastics. For such a tactile and purposeful object, this is wrong.

radio active

radio active/ erez baram

Erez Bar-Am’s analog radio is a modern interactive devise that requires users to physically move its strings in order to turn up the volume or change the station. By studying how people interact with the object, the radio brings about a new kind of behavior between man and product.