the pharmaceutical collection

the pharmaceutical collection / vyrobeno Lesem

“Ages by ages,
from forest to home,
we walk, we pick,
we carry, we love,
imprints of forest,
forest of imprints.”
“A visit to the forest and back.

forest story

forest story/ vyrobeno lesem

Craft experiment as a living dialogue between the hot glass and bits of wood. Bring together these two unyielding elements gives this unique collection its final form and atmosphere.
Results are unexpected and charming.
Forest story for Vyrobeno Lesem
material: glass
photo: Tomáš Brabec

slow charcoal

slow charcoal/ Formafantasma

In conjunction with a major retrospective on Gerrit Rietveld, the curator of Vitra Design Museum, Amelie Znidaric, has invited five of the most innovative designers working in the Netherlands to join a partner from the region in developing a design proposal.

water mimicking carafe

water mimicking carafe/ nocc studio

«This smooth pebble shaped carafe has on its inside a crystal formation reminiscent of those found inside geodes. When pouring, the water contained in the carafe slowly streams through the crystal formation in the same way it would coming out of a cave. The crystals give the water a nature inspired dynamic as it also purifies it on its way to the glass. »

Photos © Studio NOCC