balka/ Gregoire de la Forrest

In the hall of every dwelling there is always a receptacle where odds and ends are dumped – a bowl, drawer, tray or what not.
Things that no longer serve accumulate there: keys that open forgotten doors, half-dead batteries, buttons fallen off garments no longer worn, coins from some faraway land… all sorts of things that for some reason we don’t just chuck out.
+ gregoire de lafforest


Brickola / Alcarol

In Venice, paline and bricole (group of three paline) are timber poles, planted in the Laguna seabed. The bricole’s external surface is left intentionally intact, in order for the markings left by tides and molluscs to act as reminders of the Venetian sojourn of this characteristic recovered timber. All parts sawn from bricola poles undergo accurate and painstaking washing, cleaning, drying and disinfection procedures and they are finally protected by a thin layer of beeswax.

cooking table

cooking table / moritz putzier

“The project calls the rigid conditions of our daily kitchen lives into question and suggests a new way of cooking and dining.”
+ moritz putzier

stool ½

Stool 1/2. Polish Design Now

The unique character of the wood contrasts with the technical, laser die cut metal element. The stool is very stable and durable. With the right finish for wood and metal stool can live in the garden or on the terrace. Both on the outside and the apartment can serve as a seat, but also serve as a handy table.

+ polishdesignnow

rattan stool

Rattan Stool / Wiktoria Szawiel

a stool designed by Wiktoria Szawiel (from Poland), made of rattan, widely available, thus sustainable!

+ wiktoria szawiel


xxx / Assembly Design

“This Collection bridges highly skilled hand and machine processes to explore extremes, subtleties, and possible outcomes within common materials.”
+ assembly design

steps seating

Steps Seating / Geof Ramsey

“For as long as the staircase has been used, it has also been a form of seating. The raised right angle of the step lends itself to form a natural seat like structure.

shake collection

Shake collection / Sebastian Cox

In this range we’ve harnessed sustainable crops of coppiced chestnut, well-managed ash and the ancient skill of cleaving – the controlled splitting of wood along its grain. We’ve combined these with contemporary furniture making techniques to create a collection with a simple and textural aesthetic.
+ sebastian cox

diptych – every object

Diptych / Lex Pott

Every Object from the Diptych1 series comes from the same douglas fir, therefore carrying the ( 1 ) branded on each product. This particular tree was planted on the Dutch grounds of the Veluwe around 1960 and cut down in 2013.
+ lex pott


Viride/ Atelier Phorbe

These planters named viride were created so that we are more often, daily, in contact with live plants. The furniture is not as inert.

split chair

split chair / roni shalmon

Inspired by the simple branching of tree branches, here is the chair designed by Roni Shalmon.
+ roni shalmon

tubabu stool

tubabu stool / martin azua

Tubabu is a toned beech wooden stool. The three legs are inserted in the seat. The footrest is attached by a twisted cord that makes the whole stool stronger.
Design: Martín Azúa
+martin azua

villa carino

villa carino/ augustina bottoni

Villa Carino is an adaptative, portable piece of furniture inspired in simple, nomadic ways of living. It is a response to the redundancy and over-saturation of current times.

the five range

the five range / ckr

“We live in a world of five elements that we experience through our five senses. Five is gently odd. Five is not too many. Five is beautiful.
We developed a shape that combines a circle with a pentagon. The chair, the table, the clothes rail and the other members of the Five family all share this iconic shape.”
photographs are by Takumi Ota

air chair

air chair / Pinwu

“AIR” is an unconventional interpretation of traditional Chinese bamboo weaving. The concept explores the limits of bamboo’s weight and strength. The result is a significantly lightweight chair with the same durability of a much heavier chair.

thistle chair

thistle chair / spyros kizispd

Nature’s potential as a resource has yet to be fully realized, but with fuel and energy crises looming large, it is only a matter of time. In response to the economic downfall of his native Greece, Edinburgh College of Art graduate Spyros Kizis suggests a new material for the development of products in his part of Europe.

eye chair

eye chair / Paul Venaille

chair designed to be an illusion for the visually happy people
by Paul Venaille

get up

get up /Martin Azua

A collection of seats that invite to play and interact with them. Are weighted and seem to have interior life. The counterweight makes them to be upright to save space. They have different positions: as a stool, rocking chair, small seat…

spaghetti bench

spaghetti bench/ pablo reinoso

Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches are plain benches with a spaghetti twist! Didn’t you ever had the feeling that a bench is like an island? Cut from the surroundings it just stands. It’s just there. Apart. Pablo Reinoso gives life to the everyday normal benches. He makes them a part of the surroundings, he makes those benches go back to nature, gives them a family.
+pablo reinoso

eleven boxes

eleven boxes/ studio vit

11 boxes is a typology of storage units based on the idea of an archetypal box, each one distinguished by its shape and structural elements.

spring & summer seasons

spring & summer seasons /valentinloellmann

The latest additions to the spring/summer series demand discovery. The clean office has an almost leathery, pleasing surface, consisting of oak that is charred to black, then waxed and hand-polished until fine grains of oak just barely reappear.

ivy chair

ivy chair/ Enrico Gondim

The Ivy Chair design by Enrico Gondim is inspired by biomimicry & natural processes rooted in traditional palm weaving developed over centuries – made from American oak wood with a non peeling, water resistant felt, the chair becomes an experience of relaxing in a hammock.



waterfall/ tokujin yoshioka

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has developed ‘waterfall’, the world’s largest optical glass table. In form it is a 4.5 meter giant optical glass block which reminds one of water running down the surface of a sheer cliff. The piece was originally developed for a private gallery located in the heart of Tokyo in 2006, and drew from his earlier 2002 project, ‘water block’.

leaf screen

leaf screen/ Quentin de Coster

Albero di feltro is a screen made of a stainless steel frame and synthetic felt body. Designed so as to make transport and installation more easy, this product is ideal to isolate a portion of room either in office, in a lounge or even in students lodgings.

di corte

di corte/

Di Corte, designed by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori of Resign, is a series of chairs that remember their tree roots, still partially covered with tree bark.

continual chair

continual chair/ metous studio

The Continual Chair designed by David Lee, of Metous studio is set in a grid of tube and each of 123 tubes can be pushed down to any height, permitting users to construct their own unique space.

dowel chair

dowel chair/ organelle design

“…un-intuitively comfortable!”
“…fill it with your own objects!”

object furniture

object furniture/ seungyongsong

“I am looking in every nook and cranny of the room to find hidden spaces. Under the table, beneath the bed, above the wardrobe … All the space in the room is completely full of odds and ends. There’s no other choice. And I start building my objet like the city’s tallest building seen from the window in the room.”

hypertrophy chair

hypertrophy chair / nocc studio

Hypertrophy chair : the hypertrophy of one extended armrest complements the use of the chair as a functional object (The chair can then be used as a newspaper rack, coat hanger, etc…)

roots system rug

roots system rug/ Matali Crasset for Nodus

Matali Crasset designed a rug ‘Roots’ in collaboration with Nodus. The woolen rug has four levels of height giving it three-dimensional quality that resembles the root system of a tree.

t chair

t chair / Natalia Coll

Asians develop many of their common home tasks kneeling down. The hip is positioned in such a way that makes a correct back position possible to be held with no struggle at all.


rewrite/ gamfratesi

The idea behind Rewrite began as a study of the desktop and especially an atmosphere and feeling we believe is needed even in the middle of an accelerating communication and technology. Rewrite is thought of as a kind of isolating workingbubble, that can work as a satellitedesk anywhere one can feel the need of concentration and shielding – in open space offices, public spaces or at home.

creek chair

creek chair by Sandro Lopez

The concept behind Creek armchair is to fabricate a wooden design with a contemporary language.

original life of water

original life of water/ design nothing group

The origin(washbowl)-Finds the original life of water.
Water is denial of competition. Water does not lower itself nor fights with one another.

conversation table

conversation table/ 360SEE

Conversation Table by Leo Kempf Design
Corrugated cardboard, hardboard, and laminated hardboard spacers.
+ 360seegallery

straw bench

straw bench/ hannastina crick

Hannastina Crick, a connoisseur uninformed from Brighton University, believes which we should all live closer to nature.

here comes the sunlight table

sunlight table/ Anab Jain

This project examines how sustainable work environments are established to emphasize the significance of a work/life balance. It uses the research carried out in the difficult environment of call centers to provide insight into the wider context of stressful and sedentary office based work.


interlock rug/ Rygalik studio

Polish designer Tomek Rygalik created this modular carpet made from woven wool for the Spanish 2005-founded label ABR. A single piece acts as a base in this model of carpet.

amber chair

amber chair/ jaeukjung

Layers of time are fossilized within the essence of amber… korean design Jaeuk Jung draws on the qualities of this natural resin as a solution in which to reflect and preserve the final moments of a decaying object. His ‘amber chair’ ‘fossilizes’ michael thonet’s classic ‘chair no. 14’, enclosing the antique piece of furniture and turning it into a contemporary design object. Thus a new chair is presented without removing the past completely, but conserving it.

tam stools

tam stools/ peca

A sculptural clover or three stools: tam is both of those things. Like leaves that blow in the wind, the individual stools can land dispersed throughout the house, or they can stay together as a clover, for good luck. As light shines on the tam stools, their seats evoke the movement of a leaf that has been shed during autumn, landing on three legs made of solid ash wood. The organic cut of the seats highlights the grain of the ash and creates a unique topography in each piece.


bac/ 5.5 design studio

BAC is designed just like a storage tub of the mass-market retailing in which all kind of pillows are loose mixed and presented. Potentially all the styles are possible because BAC is above all a receptacle, a packaging of comfort. The user is free to complete with pillows of his choice to get the style he likes. By playing on the imagination of the pillow, BAC proposes another vision of the comfort connected to the fantasy.

flower vase tables

flower vase table / roelhuisman

The experiences I have had in designing for theatre performances and living in an interior I designed myself have made me become more and more interested in the interaction between the objects that I design and it’s users.


swing / lioneldoyen

Presenting a swing made of furniture straps wrapped around a frame made of metal rods, designed by French designer Lionel Doyen.
Swing was commissioned by high-end technical textile maker Dickson, the maker of outdoor Sunbrella Straps, to highlight the potential of the fabric.

coffee bowl

coffee bowl /trinekjaer

The idea for Bowl came from the wish for a different, flexible and functional coffee table.
Tabletop and legs refers to the scandinavian design traditions, with focus on craftmanship and simple details.