czech forest

Czech forest/ vyrobeno lesem

The “Czech Forest” collection of hangers made of spruce wood is composed of the individual stages in the life of a tree in the forest.

the pharmaceutical collection

the pharmaceutical collection / vyrobeno Lesem

“Ages by ages,
from forest to home,
we walk, we pick,
we carry, we love,
imprints of forest,
forest of imprints.”
“A visit to the forest and back.


symbiont/ vyrobeno lesem

There are things made out of plants
to support the other plants.

forest fine pine

forest fine pine/ vyrobeno lesem

Cleans the smell of the forest…

title: Fine Pine
material: Wood
dimension: Various
author: Hana Kurková
photo: Petr Krej?í

forest bench

forest bench/ vyrobeno lesem

The bench is made of the firewood Josef and Zde?ka stocked upsome 40 years ago. However, it did not end up in the fire. Due to a lucky chance, it was conserved in the form of half-round logs until it became a perfect material for the making of a bench. Broad-leaved trees from Central Bohemia; birch, hornbeam, ash tree; in combination with a load-bearing steel construction with a comaxit surface finish.
photo: Michael Tomeš