ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers)

ki•ra and the edible tower (of containers) / Konstantia Manthou

KI•RA and The Edible Tower (Of Containers) is a collection of utensils, that facilitate with the production, transportation and consumption of an outdoor varied meal. While cooking, one can as well prepare edible containers which will later become part of the dish consumption.

+kostantia manthou

anonimo italiano

Anonimo Italiano / giulio patrizi

The work of Italian art, broken and crushed, is downgraded to a pasta colander, object popular emblem of an Italian identity ” lustful and greedy”.
The wound due to poor attention, In ANONIMO ITALIANO becomes inspiration and rebirth of the object: a cut that lets the water.
+giulio patrizi

food waste factory

food waste factory / benwu studio

Household Waste Factory is a extension project after the Hakkak Project. In this project the focus is to make a statement of how to develop a way which can fabricate useful products at home using the tools and materials that is closest to your hand and the easiest way to produce. In the final we assessed the possible new applications for our final results.
+ benwu studio

dish cup ring

dish cup ring / Martin Azua

My friend Elena Fabeiro commissioned me:
“I want a dish ring.”
The proposal was a plate, cup and ring that can be used for presenting and eating small desserts. Later, it can be used as a keepsake ring from a special meal.
+martin azua


breadpit/ florian hauswirth

“The climate for the bread should be not too dry and not too humid. Thus, natural materials as wood and linen are perfect for its storage.” says Hauswirth. “The construction of Breadpit is simple: it contains a board and a lid. After taking the lid off, the board can be used as a coping board on the table.

burn bowl

burn bowl / rendezwood

In an ever accelerating pace of urban life, there is a general urge to slow down in order to fully appreciate experiences. This concept was inspired by primitive methods of cooking and crafting to engage people in simple, outdoor pleasures such as tool making and cooking over an open fire.

pasta architecture

pasta architecture/ gemmatickle

“I have always wanted to make pink wafer parquet flooring, a bit impractical but it would look and smell amazing!” — Gemma Tickle
Gemma Tickle, in an interview for the Gourmand magazine

disposable tea cups

disposable tea cups/ Einat kirschner and Einav Ben-Asher

These are single use disposable tea cups that are suitable for hot or cold beverages.
They are made of tea leaves and natural non toxic materials, enhancing the beauty of the texture, color and aroma of the tea.

survivor collection

survivor collection / jack huston

The Survivor Collection of home wares are made from recycled New Zealand timber and are based on an existing technique used by survivalists while tramping or hunting in wilderness.

undressing food

undressing food/ ingridhulskamp

Through redesigning our interaction with fruit my aim is to elevate the intimacy of our relationship with food, in response to the vast volume of food waste. Creating a milk-based packaging film, I engineered an edible outer-layer to be carefully peeled off by the user in delicate patterns, an intimate, meditative and time consuming experience that helps to increase the enjoyment of fruit.

shaping tradition

“My thesis is about traditional oral knowledge which has been accumulated by experience and transmitted by mouth to mouth. Specially focusing on the food preservation, it looks at the feasible way to bring the knowledge into everyday life.


graft/ qiyun

Graft is a series of disposable tableware made of bioplastic PLA revealing its sources materials – the plants.


rollware/ alteredappliances

Rollware is a set of laser-cut rolling pins designed as a tool for the production of bread-based edible dishware, which are adorned with customised and useful patterns. The sustainable products merge traditional crafts, tableware production and cooking with digital technology.


terra/ terra design

TERRA strives to create a reality in which products, like people, come from Dust, and to Dust return.

reversed volumes

reversed volumes/ Mischer Traxler

Reversed volumes are bowls that are shaped by capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable.
The space between a vessel and a fruit/vegetable is filled with ceramics.

cheese covers

cheese covers/ fabienbarrero

At the beginning, everything started with a small walk. A pinery, during an afternoon summer in the French east-south. The  brown skin of Pines bodies give off, an incredible sluggish droplets amount, whose shines through the sunlight.

designer baking

designer baking/ studio lav

Fashion meets baking with this two piece set of kitchen stamps. The iconic fabric patterns Pied de Poule and Tweed Herringbone take centre stage transforming your bread, cookies and pies into small “haute couture” baking marvels.
The traditional quote “bread and olive” led STUDIOLAV into designing this set of stamps made out of solid olive wood.
+ studiolav

wind oil

wind oil/ Dave Hakkens

“I like good food! Food which is made in the right way with good ingredients. Usually this is home made food. But his often takes a lot of time and energy..

lunch break

lunch break/ Sabine Stagl

Since ever, the farmer lives in a healthy environment and consumes fresh food, while the life in the city is hectic and damages our health and our quality of life.

peel pride

peel pride/ Rianne Koens

Everybody with a full fruit bowl unknowingly has a paradise of tasteful peels. Namely most of the aromas found in fruit come from the peel. Dried peels can be used as a flavour enhancer for food and drinks. Therefore I came up with a series of kitchen tools to accustom consumers to use of these peels.

culinary landscape

culinary landscape/ sebastiencluzel

An ultra-minimal kitchen workstation, comprising four essential sections – prep area, water station, cutting plane, stove – and designed to provoke thought about food. The sink is “built like a body of water with different depths.”
“Paysage culinaire” est un espace dédié à la préparation de la cuisine. Son but de questionner notre manière de cuisiner et propose une autre façon d’appréhender la cuisine.?Cette table est composée de quatre zones essentiels à la cuisine. Un espace de préparation, un point d’eau, un plan de découpe et une zone de cuisson.?Sur l’espace de préparation, du basilic et d’autres plantes aromatiques sont présentes dans un contenant en bois. Sa construction à l’image d’un tronc, place le fil du bois verticalement. Les plantes se placent au coeur du bois. Les manches des ustensiles ont un départ de branchage qui nous sert de maintien pour la prise en main. ?Les couteaux s’imbriquent dans le plateau de la table, et leurs manches forment un début de forêt. Les contenants de cuisson s’intègrent dans une cavité rocheuses à la manière d’un feu de camp. Une pierre plate volcanique est utilisée pour pouvoir cuire des viandes, poissons ou d’autres aliments. Le point d’eau est lui construit comme une étendue d’eau avec différentes profondeurs.?C’est un paysage qui s’installe et qui propose à ces utilisateurs de questionner le rapport entre leurs gestes et l’acte culinaire. Nous pouvons tourner autour de cette table, ce qui offre la possibilité à la fois de cuisiner à plusieurs et donc de transmettre ses savoirs culinaires.”



particle / formfollowsfunction

PARTICLE has 13 separate wooden parts representing the atoms and bonds that make a citric acid molecule. Fruits become the atoms in their own molecular component – citric acid connects all fruit.

corn craft

corn craft/ studiotoogood

Taking inspiration from crafts found in traditional folk culture, Gallery FUMI and Studio Toogood staged a contemporary installation based around the sustainable and natural material, corn.

baked autarchy

baked autarchy/ FormaFantasma

Autarchy is an installation that proposes an autonomous way of producing goods and outlines a hypothetical scenario in which a community embraces a serene and self-imposed embargo, and
where nature is personally cultivated, harvested and processed to feed and make tools to serve human needs. Autarchy pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday.
+ autarchy