to serve it, and to keep it

to serve it, and to keep it/ Nimrod Vardi

Have we forgotten where we came from? Did we lose our origins in the race?
With these bowls I try to bring us back our relationship with our land to remind us where our fruits and vegetables came from, where we came from. These bowls are made of soil and metal wires ( the “roots”), and raise the question of what is supporting what and who is nourishing who.
This Project was made in 2007, as a part of a course for Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
design by : Nimrod Vardi from Israel

self watering planter

self watering planter/ Joey Roth

A self-watering planter for use indoors or out. Made from naturally porous unglazed earthenware.
Dimensions: 8 diameter x 6 height. Soil capacity: 2.5 liters. Water capacity: 0.4 liters. Designed for up to three herbs or six succulents.