Nascondino is a collection of alcoves; three different oblong cuts of natural felt. This piece provides a moment of intimacy. Reminiscent of the youthful days of hide-and-seek, its forward incline and closed form.

+ Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte


rewrite/ gamfratesi

The idea behind Rewrite began as a study of the desktop and especially an atmosphere and feeling we believe is needed even in the middle of an accelerating communication and technology. Rewrite is thought of as a kind of isolating workingbubble, that can work as a satellitedesk anywhere one can feel the need of concentration and shielding – in open space offices, public spaces or at home.

here comes the sunlight table

sunlight table/ Anab Jain

This project examines how sustainable work environments are established to emphasize the significance of a work/life balance. It uses the research carried out in the difficult environment of call centers to provide insight into the wider context of stressful and sedentary office based work.

flower vase tables

flower vase table / roelhuisman

The experiences I have had in designing for theatre performances and living in an interior I designed myself have made me become more and more interested in the interaction between the objects that I design and it’s users.


work station/ work nest

The wooden table Worknest has been designed by a polish designer Wiktoria Lenart to accommodate 15 different elements that can be incorporated and decorate your desktop. An idea that allows you to choose between minimalist and desktop with multiple storages to discover in images.

forming the border desk

Cho Juhui's Forming the Border

“Sometimes I think of hiding in my own personal place far away from other people’s eyes.”
Cho Juhui’s Forming the Border is a self-contained desk and reflective space created to escape “far away from other people’s eyes”.