stone conceptual kitchen appliances

stone conceptual kitchen appliances/ art of reduction

Our project uses induction technology to operate kitchen appliances in a new and interesting way.  Because of the unique properties of induction heating paired with an innovative design, these appliances, even the saucepan, can be taken straight from the stove to the table without creating melt or burn marks.
The lack of any electrical components also means that these appliances, made from porcelain, birch, and stainless steel, can be cleaned under running water and are even dishwasher safe.  Because of their unique design, we hope they will last a generation, rather than the usual 5-7 year lifespan of most kitchen appliances.
For the first five weeks we worked on researching kitchen practices and forming our own program for the project focusing on the user’s own innovation, creativity, and changing kitchen practices.


break soap

break soap/ Dave Hakkens

Most of our classic bars of soap are being replaced by soap pumps. However, a lot of these soap pumps contain a lot of chemicals. Not only the soap itself, also its packaging.