Peek under the table and discover the carved detail, inspired by the shape and surface left on trees chewed on by beavers.
+ Sanna Volker


xxx / Assembly Design

“This Collection bridges highly skilled hand and machine processes to explore extremes, subtleties, and possible outcomes within common materials.”
+ assembly design

coffee bowl

coffee bowl /trinekjaer

The idea for Bowl came from the wish for a different, flexible and functional coffee table.
Tabletop and legs refers to the scandinavian design traditions, with focus on craftmanship and simple details.

kai table

kai table/ hirakoso

“The entire Kai Table serves as a storage space. It can be used in the living room as a smart way to store magazines, newspapers and remote controls. As a result of the use of hidden hinges, closed table is a perfect cuboid.

quark coffee table

quark coffee table/ emmanuel babled

This coffee table designed by Emmanuel Babled beautifully mimics the natural flowing liquid nature of water in its transparent plexiglass material.

REK coffee table

Rek coffee table/ reinierdejong

REK is a coffee table that grows with your coffee needs. When you have visitors, just get some chairs and extend the table any way you like. Built-in stops make sure you will not extend the sliding parts too far. Of course you can also put REK in a permanent position that fits your interior.