pendura coat stand

Pendura coat stand / Galula studio

Pendura is a coat stand with a minimalistic aproach and a very marked functional character. Where has room for coats, accessories and looks perfect on any wall!

+ galula studio

catching the wild

catching the wild / Johannes Hemann

a coat stand carrying your wild clothes
steel, polyester rope

by Kai Linke & Johannes Hemann
+ stolenwood
+ johannes hemann

birds in a row

birds in a row

A versatile concept of a coat rack- the hanging and the standing version consists each of a pole with hooks and two legs or two suspensions. There can be as many hooks on the pole as needed, because they can easily move along the pole.

peel coat hanger

peel coat hanger / oato

This design for Kuperus & Gardenier comes from the rest material of Finnish birch plywood created by the Wrap. Inspired by the way veneer is created (carving thin strips of wood from a log) we returned the strips to a stem, from which small parts seemed to be peeled to create the coat hooks.


kumiki coat rack

kumiki coat rack / jinkuramoto

“The heritage of many of the woodworking techniques used by Japanese carpenters originates from Japanese shipwrights. Inherent in its position as an island nation, it is unsurprising that the maritime industry has been a driving force behind the innovation of wood construction for centuries.


branch / tool and bark

Have you ever put so many coats on a coat rack that it fell over?
Neither have we but in case that were to happen, we’ve found the perfect solution.
Inspired by the form of a tree, we developed a coat rack that will not only never fall over because of its sturdy concrete base but can also handle a heavy weight load.


tree in the meadow

tree in the meadow/ planbureau

The title Tree in the Meadow resembles a melody of the sixties. The composition implies a natural scene or a hayfield. Umbrella, newspaper, slippers, etc. can be stored among the slats. The slats are placed densely enough to create a sense of a continuous surface. This resulted in the experience of a strikingly comfortable sitting.