coal rug


20/30 refers to a standard calibre of coal. The idea of a rug imposed itself naturally just like a bag of nuggets strewn on the floor. This surface offers a sensorial upheaval by confronting what is commonly known and what is perceived in reality. This intriguing piece borders between design and plastic intervention with a touch of irony while raising essential questions for our future.

silesian coal jewelry

Silesian coal jewelry/ BroKat

Hochglance means “highly polished” in Silesian and such is this jewelry. It shines with black luster of real hard coal. Each piece from the collection is original and hand-made. Uniqueness of particular items stems from the material, which is hard coal.
+ pracownia brokat

hakutan purifying white charcoal

sort of coal

Sort of Coal is introducing naturally and handmade active charcoal, so called White Charcoal that emphasizes both the function and the aesthetic.

slow charcoal

slow charcoal/ Formafantasma

In conjunction with a major retrospective on Gerrit Rietveld, the curator of Vitra Design Museum, Amelie Znidaric, has invited five of the most innovative designers working in the Netherlands to join a partner from the region in developing a design proposal.