dRope /Nikostsoumanis

dRope is a minimalistic, as well as unusual, hanging clothes hanger. It comes in various dimensions, with lengths available from 100cm onwards. The individual hangers’ hight depends on the ceiling hight, with the lowest point being in any case about 100cm from the floor, in order to be accesible by children.
+ Nikos Tsoumanis

british hat stand

British hat stand / Sebastian Cox

This simple hat stand is adjustable – when an object is placed on a hook it drops, gripping to the stem and securing the hat or jacket at that chosen height.
+ sebastian cox

birds in a row

birds in a row

A versatile concept of a coat rack- the hanging and the standing version consists each of a pole with hooks and two legs or two suspensions. There can be as many hooks on the pole as needed, because they can easily move along the pole.

peel coat hanger

peel coat hanger / oato

This design for Kuperus & Gardenier comes from the rest material of Finnish birch plywood created by the Wrap. Inspired by the way veneer is created (carving thin strips of wood from a log) we returned the strips to a stem, from which small parts seemed to be peeled to create the coat hooks.



boing / inon rettig

A clothes hanger made with minimum material; a cut strip of stainless steel combined with laminated wood.