broom & dust pan


Cross replica for household works. In order to avoid dust while disposing of sweeping, the waste is discarded along with a piece of paper. So far this is just a draft prototype.
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A broom usually consists of following three elements; the fibres for cleaning insert in a plastic or wooden piece, the cylindric handle in aluminum, plastic or wood, and a hole or a string attached for hanging the broom on an occasional hook when not in use.
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broom broom

Broom Broom / Hyun Young Park

Brooms about parenthood and cleaning
The value of marriage is not that adults produce children, but that children produce adults. – Peter De Vries
Polypropylene broom for a child, oak broom for an adult.
The shape when both brooms combined together reflects intimate relationship between parents and children. Flexibility of plastic tube enables the baby boom to bond to the oak broom so that two brooms can be united in one piece.

designed by Young Park