among the trees

among the trees / Vyrobeno Lesem

A collection of bowls and vases blown into the trees. The resulting form copies the structure of the treeand the product line represents the view from aboveto the depth of the forest.
Among the trees for Vyrobeno Lesem
+michaela tomiskova
+vyrobeno lesem

round square

round square / thier van daalen

glass bells to show your precious objects

When blowing soap bubbles in the air Iris & Ruben had the dream to capture these temporary beauties in a tendril frame. The fascinating effect of a floating bubble which adapt to its surrounding until it snaps, was the inspiration for a new series of objects in glass combined with wood by Studio Thier&VanDaalen.
+thier van daalen


insectes/ ferreol babin

blown glass, lacquered steel
Research on glass blown on steel structures made with CIAV Meisenthal.
+ ferreol babin

Cinderella’s series

Cinderella series/ annaterhaar

The Cinderella’s series Table and Side Table are a folluw up of the Cinderella’s Chair series, made for the nomination of the Bernadine de Neeveprijs. The Bernadine de Neeveprijs is an award for a young designer for working with glass in a new way.
The table of the Cinderella’s series has just like the Cinderella’s Chair its own prosthesis of glass. It looks like someone took a bite out of its corner and replaced it by something so fragile, like a prosthesis of glass, that it is hard to imagine that the glass carries the weight of the table.
+ annaterhaar