city furniture

This concept is based on three materials/forms – oak wood cubes, three dimensional steel rod mesh and bend steel plates – used in the project according to a strictly defined formal requirements. Together, they create a set of tools for creating city furniture with various functions. Thanks to its modularity the form is universal and allows to freely adjust the furniture to the given needs.
+ Gdyby


In the Suple project, we seek to create design tools (in the first instance digitally) that function like DNA, establishing geometric continuity among 3 or more elements by means of a completely different and adaptable added element.

a timber daybed

a timber daybed by chmara rosinke

In time for oneself you often need physical borders to get away from the habits of everyday life. A simple wooden daybed with foldable textile screens positioned over the daybad provide the feeling of safety and show also to other people how you feel. If you are open, if you do not want to be disturbed… this furniture reflects your moods and helps to bare them.
+ chmara rosinke

leaning bench

leaning bench/ izabela boloz

The Leaning Bench is a wooden bench designed to rest against a wall. The seating dares to question existing forms, proving that sometimes two legs will do just fine.


xxx / Assembly Design

“This Collection bridges highly skilled hand and machine processes to explore extremes, subtleties, and possible outcomes within common materials.”
+ assembly design

steps seating

Steps Seating / Geof Ramsey

“For as long as the staircase has been used, it has also been a form of seating. The raised right angle of the step lends itself to form a natural seat like structure.

spaghetti bench

spaghetti bench/ pablo reinoso

Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches are plain benches with a spaghetti twist! Didn’t you ever had the feeling that a bench is like an island? Cut from the surroundings it just stands. It’s just there. Apart. Pablo Reinoso gives life to the everyday normal benches. He makes them a part of the surroundings, he makes those benches go back to nature, gives them a family.
+pablo reinoso

wood ring bench

wood ring bench/ chris kabel

A 10 meter long massive wood beam is cut up in a hundred tapered pieces that, when put together, make a circular bench. A metal band clamps the pieces together without glue. Because the bench is made out of one solid beam the wood grain continues along the bench.
+chris kabel


waterfall/ tokujin yoshioka

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has developed ‘waterfall’, the world’s largest optical glass table. In form it is a 4.5 meter giant optical glass block which reminds one of water running down the surface of a sheer cliff. The piece was originally developed for a private gallery located in the heart of Tokyo in 2006, and drew from his earlier 2002 project, ‘water block’.

straw bench

straw bench/ hannastina crick

Hannastina Crick, a connoisseur uninformed from Brighton University, believes which we should all live closer to nature.


swing / lioneldoyen

Presenting a swing made of furniture straps wrapped around a frame made of metal rods, designed by French designer Lionel Doyen.
Swing was commissioned by high-end technical textile maker Dickson, the maker of outdoor Sunbrella Straps, to highlight the potential of the fabric.


levity/ tervhivatal

The chaise lounge is composed of a 12 mm thick birch plywood and 12 mm thick birch rods. Although the plywood shell is quite thin, there are twenty legs supporting it. The wooden rods are attached firmly in the drilled holes. This simple construction is lightweight and surprisingly sturdy.

tree in the meadow

tree in the meadow/ planbureau

The title Tree in the Meadow resembles a melody of the sixties. The composition implies a natural scene or a hayfield. Umbrella, newspaper, slippers, etc. can be stored among the slats. The slats are placed densely enough to create a sense of a continuous surface. This resulted in the experience of a strikingly comfortable sitting.


molletta/ riva1920

The Molletta bench designed by Baldessari e Baldessari duo for Riva 1920, in playing on the typical out-of-scale quality of Pop art, gives a hyper-natural interpretation to the cedar wood.
The object thus acquires a double life: the first is that of a roomy seat designed for large interiors and for the outdoors.

forest bench

forest bench/ vyrobeno lesem

The bench is made of the firewood Josef and Zde?ka stocked upsome 40 years ago. However, it did not end up in the fire. Due to a lucky chance, it was conserved in the form of half-round logs until it became a perfect material for the making of a bench. Broad-leaved trees from Central Bohemia; birch, hornbeam, ash tree; in combination with a load-bearing steel construction with a comaxit surface finish.
photo: Michael Tomeš

quarter bench

quarter bench/ hcwangdesign

If one takes down the materiality and the form of this set, and describes it in pure geometry, a field with four entrances/exits surrounded by four quarter circles pops out.



And once again we are back with our beloved “briccole”….. Rising out of the surreal enchantment of the Lagoon of Venice, a magical metamorphosis restores its soul, free from time’s endless effort. Drawn together and united in rhythmic composition, their silent reflection extends across a shining sea of steel; timelessly.