gone baking

gone baking / rendezwood

The Hot Spring Baking Experience Project
Gone Baking is an opportunity to go out and seek for adventure. Utilizing the forces of nature to create a unique experience of baking while breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery. With a map, with all the necessary instructions to find a hot spring baking area, basic ingredients for the bread and a box made out of Icelandic birch, the adventure can begin. The bread tastes sweet with a hint of birch, hot spring and 24 hour care.
Made out of locally produced Icelandic birch wood and cotton straps.
+ rendezwood

bread from scratch

bread from scratch/ mirko ihrig

‘Bread from Scratch’ is a reaction to the fact that many people don’t know where our food comes from anymore. Fast foods and other processed industrial foods determine our daily life’s.

mr mitre

dr mitre/ philippemalouin

A ritual for uncertain times, Mr. Mitre is a bread mould and a beechwood mitre box. The tin bakes perfectly fitted, rectangular loafs and is accompanied by a box that allows 90 and 45 degree cuts to be accurately achieved. Whether a tool for sharing, building or personal use, the sheer knowledge that your daily bread can be cut with such exacting precision will help people with OCD as well as everyday bread cutters, making bread taste that much better.