flat house plants

An exploration of house plants as a category of furniture objects. This project turns them into flat aesthetic props while leaving their whole structure exposed.


Sculpted / Lutyk

Useful sculpture? A seat with an extra function for exercise? Noble material? It’s difficult to classify this object. Trying to break away from the aesthetics of home exercise equipment, I searched for the simplest possible form that could evoke a home atmosphere.

Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers?

Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers? / camille henrot

This project is a translation of an entire library into ikebana. According to Japanese tradition, ikebana was originally created to “console the soul”. The form of a piece of ikebana, its colours and the choice of flowers used constitutes a form of language. The function of consoling and language – two aspects shared by books and flowers – are the starting point.
+camille henrot

pasta architecture

pasta architecture/ gemmatickle

“I have always wanted to make pink wafer parquet flooring, a bit impractical but it would look and smell amazing!” — Gemma Tickle
Gemma Tickle, in an interview for the Gourmand magazine

eaten by knits

Knitted Chair / soojin kang

The primary aim of this hand made collection is to convey the beauty of traditional crafts and dysfunctional objects and how they challenge traditionally established perceptions in bewtween fahion design and art.

daddy would be proud

daddy would be proud/ magdalena krzykowski

Extraordinary wood carvings can be found when you visit native Polish markets. Some of the most interesting are carved in the Beskids, a series of mountain ranges in South Poland. The wood carvers from there take their wares to the market, where they present  their objects.

temp tools

temp tools/ hannahdowip

I created Temp Tools aiming to stir up the conversation about the complete life cycle of objects; Thinking about where our items go once they leave our house in a garbage bag.

glass wood II

glass wood/ alexa lixfeld

„With Alexa Lixfeld being more a process- than a product designer, the GlassWood collection is essentially about bringing together what was already there, but which remained disconnected, allowing incidents and accidents, and generating beauty, openness, social dynamics, and an endless fascination.“


Fjällbjörk Diamant

Fjällbjörk Diamant/ twurk

Diamond cutting is a task that requires skill and patience. The resulting diamond is the highest symbol of luxury. Does this symbol change with material?

exposition miniflux

exposition miniflux/ vaulotdyevre

Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull, tendency to depression! You are obviously in lack of sunshine. Our range of supplements Kelvin Lumen restores the vitality you need.

de-territorialised milieus

de-territorialised milieus/ philippe rahm

The living space of contemporary people today is confronted to a complete turnabout of its categories: between artificial and natural, inside and outside. The Artificial, that was only concerning the climate inside the house is now affecting the planet Earth itself.

corn craft

corn craft/ studiotoogood

Taking inspiration from crafts found in traditional folk culture, Gallery FUMI and Studio Toogood staged a contemporary installation based around the sustainable and natural material, corn.

baked autarchy

baked autarchy/ FormaFantasma

Autarchy is an installation that proposes an autonomous way of producing goods and outlines a hypothetical scenario in which a community embraces a serene and self-imposed embargo, and
where nature is personally cultivated, harvested and processed to feed and make tools to serve human needs. Autarchy pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday.
+ autarchy