leaf screen

leaf screen/ Quentin de Coster

Albero di feltro is a screen made of a stainless steel frame and synthetic felt body. Designed so as to make transport and installation more easy, this product is ideal to isolate a portion of room either in office, in a lounge or even in students lodgings.


luciferase/ Nacho Carbonell

Spanish-born Eindhoven-based designer Nacho Carbonell’s newest body of work ‘Luciferase’ in latin means a photon-producing enzyme, present in the luminous organs of certain plants and animals.


notescape/ Nendo

Nendo’s contribution to Moleskine’s ‘Detour’ exhibition, in which the venerable Italian firm (200+ years and counting) gave fifty designers and artists free range to create a piece for the show.

di corte

di corte/resign.it

Di Corte, designed by Andrea Magnani, Giovanni Delvecchio and Elisabetta Amatori of Resign, is a series of chairs that remember their tree roots, still partially covered with tree bark.

continual chair

continual chair/ metous studio

The Continual Chair designed by David Lee, of Metous studio is set in a grid of tube and each of 123 tubes can be pushed down to any height, permitting users to construct their own unique space.

dowel chair

dowel chair/ organelle design

“…un-intuitively comfortable!”
“…fill it with your own objects!”

haptic geta

Haptic Geta by Shuhei Hasado

Haptic Geta by Shuhei Hasado
His studio is decorated with studies for new walls, the artist does not simply use Japaneze culture, but tries to find a new frontier in it. For this project, he decided to make the surface of pairs of get, traditional japanese sandals that are worn barefoot.

calendar made of matches

calendar made of matches/ Yurko Gutsulyak

Why is this project a sustainable one? Any time a product combines two or more functions in one object, it saves materials, thus becoming more sustainable. In this case the product is both a calendar and a set of matches.

touch and play

touch and play/ lingjingyin

TOUCH * PLAY is an ongoing project which explores how technology could be used to enable children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions to play, explore and express their emotions and feelings through their senses.

object furniture

object furniture/ seungyongsong

“I am looking in every nook and cranny of the room to find hidden spaces. Under the table, beneath the bed, above the wardrobe … All the space in the room is completely full of odds and ends. There’s no other choice. And I start building my objet like the city’s tallest building seen from the window in the room.”

hypertrophy chair

hypertrophy chair / nocc studio

Hypertrophy chair : the hypertrophy of one extended armrest complements the use of the chair as a functional object (The chair can then be used as a newspaper rack, coat hanger, etc…)

delicate manuscripts

delicate manuscripts/cuifei

”As a Chinese artist active in the United States, witnessing radical social changes in China and experiencing cultural differences in the United States, I find that my thinking has been permanently altered.

shoe shelf

shoe shelf/ goldschmidtboeing

In almost every house I’ve been a guest and in the ones I lived, I noticed a very likeable but rather less ordered mess: shoes.

re-design: toilet paper

re-design: toilet paper/ Design by Kenya Hara

Architect Shigeru Ban was given the subject of toilet paper, known for his use of paper to construct permanent buildings, for his ‘re-design’, Ban transformed the typically round core of a toilet paper roll into a square.

reusable boo bag

'Boo bag' by Sung-un Chang

‘Boo bag’ by Sung-un Chang
The boo bag is a reusable grocery bag which is made of highly sustainable bamboo fabric.
When grocery shopping, the bamboo casing works as a handle and provides comfortable grip for the user’s hand.

czech forest

Czech forest/ vyrobeno lesem

The “Czech Forest” collection of hangers made of spruce wood is composed of the individual stages in the life of a tree in the forest.

to serve it, and to keep it

to serve it, and to keep it/ Nimrod Vardi

Have we forgotten where we came from? Did we lose our origins in the race?
With these bowls I try to bring us back our relationship with our land to remind us where our fruits and vegetables came from, where we came from. These bowls are made of soil and metal wires ( the “roots”), and raise the question of what is supporting what and who is nourishing who.
This Project was made in 2007, as a part of a course for Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
design by : Nimrod Vardi from Israel

roots system rug

roots system rug/ Matali Crasset for Nodus

Matali Crasset designed a rug ‘Roots’ in collaboration with Nodus. The woolen rug has four levels of height giving it three-dimensional quality that resembles the root system of a tree.

starry night magic carpet

starry night magic carpet/ lama concept

The wool carpet is an amazing eco friendly with electric embedded LED lights. The new carpeting from Dutch design studio, Lama Concept, comes in a variety of wonderful and bright colors, plus they can be tailored to fit your interior.

t chair

t chair / Natalia Coll

Asians develop many of their common home tasks kneeling down. The hip is positioned in such a way that makes a correct back position possible to be held with no struggle at all.

grass lamps

grass lamp / pinwu

Xuan Lamp:
Within this lamp the bamboo is changed into fine and smooth slices. Its shape is easy to control. Especially by a breeze through an open window the delicate curves of bamboo are fluttering and dancing.

one hand kitchen

one hand kitchen/ Gabriele Meldaikyte

The One-Hand Kitchen Equipment is designed for people who use can use only one hand, and the beauty of the products (7 in all) is that both the left-handed and the right-handed can use it with ease.

the pharmaceutical collection

the pharmaceutical collection / vyrobeno Lesem

“Ages by ages,
from forest to home,
we walk, we pick,
we carry, we love,
imprints of forest,
forest of imprints.”
“A visit to the forest and back.


rewrite/ gamfratesi

The idea behind Rewrite began as a study of the desktop and especially an atmosphere and feeling we believe is needed even in the middle of an accelerating communication and technology. Rewrite is thought of as a kind of isolating workingbubble, that can work as a satellitedesk anywhere one can feel the need of concentration and shielding – in open space offices, public spaces or at home.

the last straw

the last straw/ Designer: Deok-geun Han

This design is minimalistcally simple and thus sustainable, cutting down the mileage and the cost of materials used, and giving the consumer control over the length of the straw as needed. The simplicity and compact size in packaging the straws is another added bonus to its environmental friendliness.
Designer: Deok-geun Han

three ring web

three ring web/ design by : Zhang Jian + Ma Lian Lian

The inspiration of designing this web is from tree rings. And the web is aiming at promoting environmental protection. On the one hand, it calls on people to save paper. On the other hand, it transmits to people the awareness of environmental protection. The design does not increase the cost of the product but give the product a higher level connotation.
name of design : The Tree Ring Web
design by : Zhang Jian + Ma Lian Lian from china

bookmark lamp


This lightweight lamp by French designer Léonard Kadid uses a book as a base.
Called Bookmark lamp, the object is made of a single piece of plywood, bent in two places.
Kadid has also designed a table inspired by molecular structures, with wooden poles branching out from the centre to form legs and supporting arms for the table surface, which is made of steel.
+ leonard kadid

creek chair

creek chair by Sandro Lopez

The concept behind Creek armchair is to fabricate a wooden design with a contemporary language.

birds dont pay rent

birds don't pay the rent/ Martin Azua

Life in the city is complicated. Basic necessities such as housing are subject to complex and absurd obligations. Freedom is reduced depending on what you have or need.

original life of water

original life of water/ design nothing group

The origin(washbowl)-Finds the original life of water.
Water is denial of competition. Water does not lower itself nor fights with one another.

daddy would be proud

daddy would be proud/ magdalena krzykowski

Extraordinary wood carvings can be found when you visit native Polish markets. Some of the most interesting are carved in the Beskids, a series of mountain ranges in South Poland. The wood carvers from there take their wares to the market, where they present  their objects.

algae lighting

algae lighting/ Christian Vivanco

After spending several summers in the Mexican Caribbean the inspiration to develop a very special project was more than enough; I’ve always felt a great curiosity about the seaweed and coral reefs, their ability to generate a variety of colors and intensities, and in the case of seaweeds, their constant movement under water, resembling a slow dance.

toothpick lamp

toothpick lamp/ daisukehiraiwa

Designed by Daisuke Hiraiwa, these elegant echidna-esque Stamen chandeliers elevate an everyday material into brilliant expressions of found design. Each one is created by gluing hundreds of toothpicks together to form a flexible disc that gives their bristling points a fluid form.

conversation table

conversation table/ 360SEE

Conversation Table by Leo Kempf Design
Corrugated cardboard, hardboard, and laminated hardboard spacers.
+ 360seegallery

straw bench

straw bench/ hannastina crick

Hannastina Crick, a connoisseur uninformed from Brighton University, believes which we should all live closer to nature.

here comes the sunlight table

sunlight table/ Anab Jain

This project examines how sustainable work environments are established to emphasize the significance of a work/life balance. It uses the research carried out in the difficult environment of call centers to provide insight into the wider context of stressful and sedentary office based work.

shaping tradition

“My thesis is about traditional oral knowledge which has been accumulated by experience and transmitted by mouth to mouth. Specially focusing on the food preservation, it looks at the feasible way to bring the knowledge into everyday life.

grass shade

grassland grass lamp/ 360seegallery

Natural Grass Object.
Real grass on fabric lamp shade proportioned to be used as a hanging swag lamp.
The grass has been painted green and should retain most of its lush color.

nest hammock

nest hammock/ ievalaurina

The hammock is like a flying cloud. And it can make you fly as well.
It gives shelter from the busy everyday life, taking you into another world. It is like going back in time to your childhood, when everything seemed so easy and accessible and you could almost walk above the ground.

coat hangers

coat hangers/ resign.it

Abitudini is a series of coat hangers designed by Antonello Fusè that utilizes old chair backs. Fuse takes second hand chairs and cuts off their back at various points. He then attaches a simple metal curve to the top of the chair back transforming it into a coat hanger. The design works off the tradition of hanging ones coat on a chair back, transforming it into an object with this one explicit purpose.
+ resign.it

“i” magnifying glass

"i" magnifying glass/ nocc studio

“I” is a magnifying glass. it’s longitudinal form allows you to browse through the pages each time increasing the required lines of text.
+nocc studio


interlock rug/ Rygalik studio

Polish designer Tomek Rygalik created this modular carpet made from woven wool for the Spanish 2005-founded label ABR. A single piece acts as a base in this model of carpet.

green teabag

'Real green teabag' by Hyung Gyun Jung

‘Real green teabag’ by Hyung Gyun Jung
When green tea is brewed improperly, It releases a chemical that diffuses the positive effects of drinking it. The design of the teabag aims to be an intuitive and natural indicator of how to correctly make a cup of tea.

invisible streetlight


Streetlight emits light at nighttime by saving energy from sunlight during the day. The most innovative element of Invisible Streetlight is that it does not require a support because the flexible body in the shape of tree branch is directly installed to the trees lining a street. Installation is simple in parks and outskirts of urban centers, and the Invisible Streetlight does not spoil scenic beauty of the surrounding areas.