the five range

the five range / ckr

“We live in a world of five elements that we experience through our five senses. Five is gently odd. Five is not too many. Five is beautiful.
We developed a shape that combines a circle with a pentagon. The chair, the table, the clothes rail and the other members of the Five family all share this iconic shape.”
photographs are by Takumi Ota


boing / inon rettig

A clothes hanger made with minimum material; a cut strip of stainless steel combined with laminated wood.

handle with care

handle with care/ yvaltal

Salvaged broken ceramic cups get fixed and given a new design appeal that allows them to continue their productive lives.
Material: Broken ceramic cups, metal, wood

air chair

air chair / Pinwu

“AIR” is an unconventional interpretation of traditional Chinese bamboo weaving. The concept explores the limits of bamboo’s weight and strength. The result is a significantly lightweight chair with the same durability of a much heavier chair.

clean water in the cup

clean water in the cup / mer

Clean water in the cup, the social water filter
Material: Unglazed ceramic, ezüstkolloid solution, plastic components
Photo: Happy Anita


breadpit/ florian hauswirth

“The climate for the bread should be not too dry and not too humid. Thus, natural materials as wood and linen are perfect for its storage.” says Hauswirth. “The construction of Breadpit is simple: it contains a board and a lid. After taking the lid off, the board can be used as a coping board on the table.


Edwin / Natalia Coll

Edwin is a fully repairable and sustainable fruit squeezer. Some time ago, products that accompanied us were long lasting and reparaible, made of natural and sustainable materials. Nowadays, actual electrodomestics have an expiry date. Several reasons like programmed obsolescence or irreparaible designs make the products easily spoilable, adding that it is almost impossible for it to have a second life or a enter a proper disposal cycle. Edwin was born from the intention of producing everlasting electrodomestics.

re news

re news / Natalia Coll

We are used to waste and waste. Re-news proposes something different. It is a homemade product with recycled materials.

thistle chair

thistle chair / spyros kizispd

Nature’s potential as a resource has yet to be fully realized, but with fuel and energy crises looming large, it is only a matter of time. In response to the economic downfall of his native Greece, Edinburgh College of Art graduate Spyros Kizis suggests a new material for the development of products in his part of Europe.


spil / rendezwood

Low Tech Playful Accessories
Spil is a beginning of a collection of low tech travel games in the form of accessories. It is a back to basics reply to the smartphone overuse of the present.

seaweed collector

seaweed collector / rendezwood

A Connection between Two Worlds
Between land and sea is a visible boundary that connects these two worlds, the beach. Within this area of high and low tides live many magnificent creatures.


infuse / rendezwood

Container for a refreshing experience
Infuse is an object that enables experimentations with flavors in the local environment. The idea is based on different techniques in extracting flavor and blending them.

gone baking

gone baking / rendezwood

The Hot Spring Baking Experience Project
Gone Baking is an opportunity to go out and seek for adventure. Utilizing the forces of nature to create a unique experience of baking while breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery. With a map, with all the necessary instructions to find a hot spring baking area, basic ingredients for the bread and a box made out of Icelandic birch, the adventure can begin. The bread tastes sweet with a hint of birch, hot spring and 24 hour care.
Made out of locally produced Icelandic birch wood and cotton straps.
+ rendezwood

burn bowl

burn bowl / rendezwood

In an ever accelerating pace of urban life, there is a general urge to slow down in order to fully appreciate experiences. This concept was inspired by primitive methods of cooking and crafting to engage people in simple, outdoor pleasures such as tool making and cooking over an open fire.

eye chair

eye chair / Paul Venaille

chair designed to be an illusion for the visually happy people
by Paul Venaille

flower field

flower field / Diana Scherer

“I’m interested in the age-old human practice of manipulating nature”, she explains. “There is a certain ambiguity that I find intriguing; the idea of loving care and, at the same time, ruthless manipulation. For example, the gardener who loves nature and nurtures the plants he desires also ruthlessly cuts, snips and manipulates them.”
words by Miranda Gavin
+diana scherer

rosa chair

rosa chair /Erez Nevi Pana

My Persian roots, which were a burden in childhood, became an asset in adulthood. The sewing machine, my fascination with Persian carpets, and my near obsession for plants and flowers are all part of the inheritance left to me by my grandmother.


orikomo /blaanc

Orikomo’s form is simple and elegant in its visual effect, yet complex to create. It is suitable to light a variety of spaces in the home and, at the same time, knows how to be a discrete protagonist of its surroundings.

dhiana rug


Dhiana means meditation in Sanskrit; the sinuous shapes of the rug appear from the relationship between circles of different sizes that remind me of the harmonic shapes of a Zen garden.

get up

get up /Martin Azua

A collection of seats that invite to play and interact with them. Are weighted and seem to have interior life. The counterweight makes them to be upright to save space. They have different positions: as a stool, rocking chair, small seat…

tools for the new kitchen

tools for the new kitchen /martin azua

Workshop taught by Martin Azua in the XIII International Meeting of Turners in Galicia from 19 to 22 September in Xermade (Lugo).
Organized by the Centro Galego da Artesanía Foundation.

pasta architecture

pasta architecture/ gemmatickle

“I have always wanted to make pink wafer parquet flooring, a bit impractical but it would look and smell amazing!” — Gemma Tickle
Gemma Tickle, in an interview for the Gourmand magazine

timbre speakers

timbre speakers/ runningfarmlabs

A revolutionary desktop speaker system, designed for people who like nice things.
Crystal-clear sound.

disposable tea cups

disposable tea cups/ Einat kirschner and Einav Ben-Asher

These are single use disposable tea cups that are suitable for hot or cold beverages.
They are made of tea leaves and natural non toxic materials, enhancing the beauty of the texture, color and aroma of the tea.

hands of time clock

hands of time / Quentin Peuling

“The clock-face is made of a worn sanding disc. Through the wear of the sanding disc the clock is telling the story of a craftsman. Time, the materials used and the way of working are all of influence on the appearance of the clock.

bread from scratch

bread from scratch/ mirko ihrig

‘Bread from Scratch’ is a reaction to the fact that many people don’t know where our food comes from anymore. Fast foods and other processed industrial foods determine our daily life’s.

survivor collection

survivor collection / jack huston

The Survivor Collection of home wares are made from recycled New Zealand timber and are based on an existing technique used by survivalists while tramping or hunting in wilderness.

spaghetti bench

spaghetti bench/ pablo reinoso

Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches are plain benches with a spaghetti twist! Didn’t you ever had the feeling that a bench is like an island? Cut from the surroundings it just stands. It’s just there. Apart. Pablo Reinoso gives life to the everyday normal benches. He makes them a part of the surroundings, he makes those benches go back to nature, gives them a family.
+pablo reinoso

simply flower

simply flower/adamandsamlove

O how we love multi functionality which translates always into sustainability of designed objects, that tend to last much longer and serve double or multi functions.
This is a vase, a planter and a planter stand all one product.
Designed by a duo design team of Adam Cigler and Samuel Cigler.

balancing blocks

balancing blocks/ fort standard

Complete or partner up with Balancing Blocks to build structures while focusing on height, gravity defying balance and style. Ten hardwood game pieces finished in non-toxic white or primary colors offer a vintage look through fun contemporary forms.

shelter of nostalgia

shelter of nostalgia/ wmanupipatpong

The wooden structure is attached to an existing column like a tree house. In a way, the interior space transforms into artificial landscape.

wood ring bench

wood ring bench/ chris kabel

A 10 meter long massive wood beam is cut up in a hundred tapered pieces that, when put together, make a circular bench. A metal band clamps the pieces together without glue. Because the bench is made out of one solid beam the wood grain continues along the bench.
+chris kabel

eaten by knits

Knitted Chair / soojin kang

The primary aim of this hand made collection is to convey the beauty of traditional crafts and dysfunctional objects and how they challenge traditionally established perceptions in bewtween fahion design and art.

eleven boxes

eleven boxes/ studio vit

11 boxes is a typology of storage units based on the idea of an archetypal box, each one distinguished by its shape and structural elements.


cui/ adrian froufe

Cui is a bird feeder made in glass and rope that rejects traditional forms associated with these type of objects and wants to stand out into the natural environment with its brilliant white color.
Each piece is blown by glass experts of the Corning Museum of Glass and then assembled by hand individually.

until all i felt was my heart beating

Until All I Heard was my Heart Beating / Kuula Jylha

This collection deals with directness, authenticity and purity. The collection consists of five pairs of hand-made, unique shoes for the Modern hippies in the spirit of post-irony.

spring & summer seasons

spring & summer seasons /valentinloellmann

The latest additions to the spring/summer series demand discovery. The clean office has an almost leathery, pleasing surface, consisting of oak that is charred to black, then waxed and hand-polished until fine grains of oak just barely reappear.

ivy chair

ivy chair/ Enrico Gondim

The Ivy Chair design by Enrico Gondim is inspired by biomimicry & natural processes rooted in traditional palm weaving developed over centuries – made from American oak wood with a non peeling, water resistant felt, the chair becomes an experience of relaxing in a hammock.


ageless objects

ageless objects/ particules studio

The Objets sans âge series raises the question of the complexity and durability of domestic electronics, trough familiar items, symbols or our daily rituals (waking up, switching the lights on, reading news…).

ie tags

i.e. tags/ Narukuma

Created by Shibuya-based Naruse-Inokama Architects, these IE-TAGs sticky notes also rival Post-Its’ cuteness by taking the shape of homes themselves. The ‘ie’ in the name means ‘house’ in Japanese.
Comprised of paper converted from wood wastes taken from houses, they are extremely eco-friendly.


haptic cups

haptic cups/ marierouillon

through this project, i want to make people aware of the plurality of their senses of touch, of their importance in terms of full perception of the world, and to reconnect them with tactility on a daily basis through my designs,’ rouillon explains. ‘I took the decision to communicate my concept through everyday objects, without digital tools, in order to stress even more this urge to touch and experience the everyday world we live in, through multi-sensory experiences.’
Our senses are triggered less and less. The interactions that we entertain with everyday devices are lacking sensibility, tactility, sensory experiences.

undressing food

undressing food/ ingridhulskamp

Through redesigning our interaction with fruit my aim is to elevate the intimacy of our relationship with food, in response to the vast volume of food waste. Creating a milk-based packaging film, I engineered an edible outer-layer to be carefully peeled off by the user in delicate patterns, an intimate, meditative and time consuming experience that helps to increase the enjoyment of fruit.

daily poetry

daily poetry/ ingrid hulskamp

To pursue time for daily contemplation in an intuitive way, I have developed a series of contemplative toys for adults. The luxurious objects, made from hand-blown glass, remind us of the candid fun we had as a child, when we were able to fully get caught up in the moment.


waterfall/ tokujin yoshioka

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has developed ‘waterfall’, the world’s largest optical glass table. In form it is a 4.5 meter giant optical glass block which reminds one of water running down the surface of a sheer cliff. The piece was originally developed for a private gallery located in the heart of Tokyo in 2006, and drew from his earlier 2002 project, ‘water block’.