reconfiguration of a tree

reconfiguration of a tree / Vailly

Reconfiguration of a tree is a research project focused on Pinus Pinaster, a resinous tree harvested for its pitch. Studio thomas Vaillly took a natural element, the Pinus Pinaster tree, ripped it apart – rearranging its elements into man made materials. The resulting natural resin is an abstraction of a tree, a black matter joining, coating, blending in and contrasting with pine wood.
+ Vailly



A tiled carpet which derives its isometric form from complex city views and uses a simple grey woolen felt as the material of choice. You can rearrange the tiles into various shapes and create symmetrical geometry as well as asymmetrical islands that bear resemblance to architectural building kit.
+ allt

from insects


The PROPOLIS is a bio degradable resin that honey bees collect from different trees and use as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the beehive. Its color depends of the forests and botanical sources used in the collection by the honey bees. The most common one is brown, but there are plenty of variations in colors and properties.
+ marlene huissoud

silesian coal jewelry

Silesian coal jewelry/ BroKat

Hochglance means “highly polished” in Silesian and such is this jewelry. It shines with black luster of real hard coal. Each piece from the collection is original and hand-made. Uniqueness of particular items stems from the material, which is hard coal.
+ pracownia brokat

hakutan purifying white charcoal

sort of coal

Sort of Coal is introducing naturally and handmade active charcoal, so called White Charcoal that emphasizes both the function and the aesthetic.

rosa chair

rosa chair /Erez Nevi Pana

My Persian roots, which were a burden in childhood, became an asset in adulthood. The sewing machine, my fascination with Persian carpets, and my near obsession for plants and flowers are all part of the inheritance left to me by my grandmother.

9 hours

9hours hotel

9 h is a capsule hotel offering luxury in a minimum living space, designed by Fumie Shibata of design studio S. The hotel design defines the elements necessary for a ‘minimal transit space’ in big cities in Japan.

slow charcoal

slow charcoal/ Formafantasma

In conjunction with a major retrospective on Gerrit Rietveld, the curator of Vitra Design Museum, Amelie Znidaric, has invited five of the most innovative designers working in the Netherlands to join a partner from the region in developing a design proposal.