energy stool

energy stool / marcel pasternak
Marcel Pasternak uses wax to build the stools, which then are casted in bronze to pay tribute to the eco-cycle of the framework found in the law of conservation of energy, in a transformation of this stored energy – the production process is modeled around Joseph Beuys’ fascination with bees, offering users a resting place to restore their energy, giving back to the insect.




therapy in a ring

In her words, Rhode Island’s Jane-Marie Ovanin creates forms that “stimulate and soothe, reducing the chaos of thoughts and emotions.”


Shine is a table ware collection, including a plate a bowl and a vase. The concept is to illustrate the unique qualities of silk – the natural shine and the sti_ness of the raw fiber. Shine is a statement to the silkworms who are actually building their transformation cocoons the same way.
+ handmadeinhangzhou

that’s it packaging

THAT’S IT is a line of experimental packaging made of new, biodegradable algae-based material. this new material stands as an alternative to persistent, non-biodegradable plastic. the material perfectly holds its shape, is waterproof, and protects the product against possible damage.
+ austeja platukyte

hello haptic

‘Hello Haptic’ is a flash card kit for the blind children to learn various haptical experiences about nature. Visually impaired children are able to self-educate themselves about different parts of nature with this learning aid. They will be properly stimulated about diverse char- acters of nature as well as fulfilling their curiosity through their first-hand tactile knowledge. Each kit is categorized by a location in nature such as the zoo, sea shore and forest.
+ Rhea Jeong

sensorial brushes

Blink, tickle, stroke, scratch, sweep emphasizes on different body senses through a set of peculiar brushes. Marble sculpted pleasure tools, the sensations are enhanced with ordinary and unconventional materials such as eyelashes, brass nails, feather and hay.
Photos by Karen Kalou
+ najla el zein

cuddle stool


Cuddle is a stool created not only to enjoy a sitting on it but providing a shelter for your feet. Have a seat on it while working and enjoy the warmth of an wool upholstered cave laying underneath.
Or even better… have a seat on your sofa and rest your feet on this woollen nest.
+ Alex Quisite

texture memory


Memory game suitable for all, also for blind and autistic children. The game consist of four boards and 20 pieces with 10 different textures of different levels in difficulty to recognize them. The game is for 1-2 players. Tasks can be modified and personally adapted.
+ Pani Jurek



The door knob is a nickel square-shaped object with a hole at its centre, resulting in an inverted semi-sphere. The curvature of this semi-sphere, as well as its colour, oppose the brutality of the item.
A bevel edge with a slight inclination creates a space between the door and the door knob where the hand can be placed.
+ joachim froment

table & fence


Table and fence was based on the research of affordance and was made to create a field to gather people to around it in social activity. The fence sits around the table for people to
lean on, and it also suggests to them to share the table space with others. By reducing the room for personal using with a narrow top rail on the fence, the sharing space expands.
+ hcwangdesign

vísa, stefnir and blær


Goals and dreams are often hidden and hard to reach. The concept is subjective and based on the act of dowsing which is an old method for searching for anything invisible or hidden. The tools, Vísa, Stefnir and Blær, have Icelandic names that describe the act of heading toward something and how energy flows like a soft breeze. The tools were inspired by the modern world of witchcraft for the quest of seeking hidden aims. The tool captures the goals and dreams where it transforms them into energy and leads it out into the world. The tools are personal accessories that the user can keep around his neck or close by.
Project by Elísabet Kristín Oddsdóttir

coal rug


20/30 refers to a standard calibre of coal. The idea of a rug imposed itself naturally just like a bag of nuggets strewn on the floor. This surface offers a sensorial upheaval by confronting what is commonly known and what is perceived in reality. This intriguing piece borders between design and plastic intervention with a touch of irony while raising essential questions for our future.

a nomad jacket

nomad jacket / Lou Moria

A multi-use jacket that can be utilized for gathering throughout the entire day and serve all his or her needs. This is a modern interpretation nomadic life. The ancient hunter-gatherer culture ruled the world until humanity moved to agricultural societies.
It’s equipped with features for every weather and environmental need: backpack pocket – to collect larger objects, knife, a place to collect small and delicate things, gloves for protection from the cold, dirt and thorns, hood that can easily becomes a scarf and magnetic-milestones which can mark your way.

+ lou moria

landscapes within

Landscapes within / Wiktoria Szawiel

…so I dreamt about places, and I dreamt about landscapes, and I recalled familiar memories of sounds, views, feelings. From those little notions of a space, of light, of atmosphere, my project emerged. I aimed to capture the beauty and the spirituality of an eastern landscape within a physical object.
The collection includes chair, side table, stools and various vessels.
+ wiktoria szawiel

disposable shoes

disposable shoes / Lou Moria

The shoe is constructed from layers of canvas with perforated marks on the shoe that allow the user to cut out different parts that get dirty or torn, to reveal the new layer underneath.
Number of layers in each section was determined by regions with a high tendency to wear away.
+ lou moria


combo / giorgia zanellato

How to use the carbon fiber to enhance the sound properties?
By making it as a sound amplifier, without electricity it is able to amplify the music you choose from your music player. The cork base creates an insulated part that helps to direct the sound in the direction which is amplify. It’s possible to use it indoor and outdoor.
+giorgia zanellato

sky deck

Sky Deck / Torafu

This is a small table made to hook onto handrails, and it uses just enough pieces of wood to do so. You can put your mobile phone or a radio on it while you hang out your laundry, or it can be used as a counter when you have a beer on your balcony on a nice day. Floating in the air, sky deck stretches a narrow balcony space out by just a little bit, into the city beyond.

handle with care

handle with care/ yvaltal

Salvaged broken ceramic cups get fixed and given a new design appeal that allows them to continue their productive lives.
Material: Broken ceramic cups, metal, wood

balancing blocks

balancing blocks/ fort standard

Complete or partner up with Balancing Blocks to build structures while focusing on height, gravity defying balance and style. Ten hardwood game pieces finished in non-toxic white or primary colors offer a vintage look through fun contemporary forms.

eaten by knits

Knitted Chair / soojin kang

The primary aim of this hand made collection is to convey the beauty of traditional crafts and dysfunctional objects and how they challenge traditionally established perceptions in bewtween fahion design and art.

ageless objects

ageless objects/ particules studio

The Objets sans âge series raises the question of the complexity and durability of domestic electronics, trough familiar items, symbols or our daily rituals (waking up, switching the lights on, reading news…).

haptic cups

haptic cups/ marierouillon

through this project, i want to make people aware of the plurality of their senses of touch, of their importance in terms of full perception of the world, and to reconnect them with tactility on a daily basis through my designs,’ rouillon explains. ‘I took the decision to communicate my concept through everyday objects, without digital tools, in order to stress even more this urge to touch and experience the everyday world we live in, through multi-sensory experiences.’
Our senses are triggered less and less. The interactions that we entertain with everyday devices are lacking sensibility, tactility, sensory experiences.

haptic geta

Haptic Geta by Shuhei Hasado

Haptic Geta by Shuhei Hasado
His studio is decorated with studies for new walls, the artist does not simply use Japaneze culture, but tries to find a new frontier in it. For this project, he decided to make the surface of pairs of get, traditional japanese sandals that are worn barefoot.

touch and play

touch and play/ lingjingyin

TOUCH * PLAY is an ongoing project which explores how technology could be used to enable children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions to play, explore and express their emotions and feelings through their senses.

luffa stuff

luffa stuff/ luffa lab

Luffa is a natural smart material comprising of a complex network of cellulose that forms a structure that is both extremely lightweight and strong.
The Luffa Splint is a natural, low-cost medical device made from luffa fibres using compression moulding technology and a water-based thermoset binder.
The result is a low-cost, lightweight, breathable, antimicrobial and biodegradable medical splint with superior function and benefits to the end user.


crumple/ milica balubdzic

The surface of this table designed by Milica Balubdži?, based in Vienna Austria, has been created digitally – digital technology meets human nature..

temp tools

temp tools/ hannahdowip

I created Temp Tools aiming to stir up the conversation about the complete life cycle of objects; Thinking about where our items go once they leave our house in a garbage bag.

energy stool

energy stool / marcel pasternak

Marcel Pasternak uses wax to build the stools, which then are casted in bronze to pay tribute to the eco-cycle of the framework found in the law of conservation of energy, in a transformation of this stored energy – the production process is modeled around Joseph Beuys’ fascination with bees, offering users a resting place to restore their energy, giving back to the insect.




agricola/ atuppertu

Can we imagine design products made of materials purchased on the base of their environmental impact and completely dependent on local resources. Agricola is a series of design products based on criteria of low Co2 emissions and use of available local resources.


white material

white material/ ferreol babin

“We are surrounded by an impressive quantity of objects and utensils, each one with a specific use : cooking, do-it-yourself, crafts, upkeep… hammer, pestle, brush, paintbrush, feather duster, spatula, trowel, scraper, knife…

forever blanket

forever blanket/ bcxsy

Fashioned after the Mobius strip, Forever Blanket becomes a pillow, mattress, and blanket in one. Retreat into a world of natural softness with the eco-friendly and anti-bacterial bamboo textile. Wrap oneself in continuity.

skin furniture

skin furniture/ katja pettersson

Is the form an established icon and design process mimics the familiar object’s former shape history?
SKIN is a collection of furniture designed for Crystal Temporary Arts for temporary exhibitions. Made of folding IKEA furniture where the outer material determines the shape of the object.

natural haptics

natural stain/ Martin Azua

Natural Stain is a reflection on natural decoration. It is a series of very porous white ceramic vases which where left in natural spaces in the middle of nowhere for a year during which time they where colonized by mosses and other organic growths creating micro landscapes bringing to light the power that nature has to appropriate the artificial and leave its mark.
+ martinazua


spiral/ Martin Azua

Spiral is a handmade woollen carpet. The natural fibres are woven and sewn by Indian crafts people.
Its flexibility in its woven structure, allows for multiple functionality as well, to double as a sofa cover or even a bed spread, which makes this beautiful carpet sustainable.

Azúamoliné 2007 / Produced by Nanimarquina
+ martinazua

layer coconut chair

layer coconut chair/ jorrittaekema

The Layer Chair, fabricated using only natural coconut composite, a byproduct of the food industry, combined with latex to form a resilient usable chair, designed and created by Jorrit Taekema is made of overlaying strata of coir, in this case coconut fibers, makes the seating fully biogradable!
+ jorrittaekema

urban picnic

urban picnic/ jodykocken

All of the villages and cities in the Netherlands are full of lush green areas that serve as perfect picnic spots. Jody Kocken developed a modern version of the knapsack to bring your food and picnic cloth with you. Urban Picnic is an iconic stick that you balance over your shoulder, with a cloth tied into a bundle holding stackable tableware, and the fabric of the bundle doubles as a tablecloth.

home medicine containers

home medicine containers/ Celine Forestier

ECAD design school graduate Celine Forestier has created a series of faceted pillboxes on a multilevel plinth, with each level representing a different day of the week.

break soap

break soap/ Dave Hakkens

Most of our classic bars of soap are being replaced by soap pumps. However, a lot of these soap pumps contain a lot of chemicals. Not only the soap itself, also its packaging.


_scape/ scape

_scape is a conceptual object for Icelandair that encourages passengers to break away from the confinement of their seat, by inviting them to embark on an imaginary journey:
“This is done through a collection of Iceland-inspired sensory elements which have been packaged into a tactile, soft, organic shape.

flashlight for opera

flashlight for opera/ svetlanamikhailova

The project was inspired by architecture of Oslo Opera House. This is a flashlight which you can put to your finger. It’s shape reminds piece of ice or crystal.

objects of another age

objects of another age/ evarielland

The project « Objects of another age » is to rethink high tech tools to make them easily understood by all, and particularly by the elderly.


vivid/ sararoxanadesign

A product line consisting of a stool: Trust me, clothes hanger: Stick With Me, table: Remember me, jewelry tree: Spoil Me

engrain tactile keys

engrain tactile keys/ michaelroopenian

a computer keyboard that uses nature’s tactility to strengthen the relationship between user and interface;

felt mouse

felt mouse/ joeyroth

“I was inspired by the mouse’s intimate contact with the human skin, which is unique among peripherals. Although it’s more similar to a glove or shoe than a printer, mice are typically made from the same thermoplastics. For such a tactile and purposeful object, this is wrong.

radio active

radio active/ erez baram

Erez Bar-Am’s analog radio is a modern interactive devise that requires users to physically move its strings in order to turn up the volume or change the station. By studying how people interact with the object, the radio brings about a new kind of behavior between man and product.