moss shoes

moss shoes/ sensoree

NATURA pathos line of footwear brings nature to your feet. The next time you are too busy to go the forest or park, bring the park to you with wearable nature insoles that transport your body and mind to the natural world.

These insoles are 100% natural, made from imported nature from the proximity of Mendocino Headlands State Park planted in a latex foot bed.
Custom fit, the insoles are placed into our clear oxfords or sandals.
Sound: A wireless audio device enhances the soundtrack of nature on your feet. When you step down, a speaker records the footprint and it is heard through headphones. This transports the wearer directly to the nature path.
NATURA virtual are haptic insoles that produce the feeling of natural elements. The vibration of the soles feels like moss, rocks, or sand. Your body is instantly transported to a new environment and due to the uneven texture, balance is also improved.
This haptic interface aligns the body and mind as it restores equilibrium and retrains vestibular imbalances. The dynamic surface strengthens proprioceptive response of the body and enhances postural strength and balance reactions as the soundtrack of moss is played on your feet.
Made from latex and vibration motors.

Cosmic. I feel chills going up and down my spine.
I actually hear the beach.


moss shoes/ sensoree

seagrass natural light shade

Shade made from natural seagrass by studio Den & Now
+ Den&Now

seagrass packaging

POC: is a new seagrass-based food packaging material concept which was designed to extend the durability of food, reduce foodwaste and reduce packaging waste.
+ Felix Pottinger



For the production of drinking straws, the straw is harvested by hand with a sickle just before it ripens. It is then dried, cut to the right length and packaged in a low-germ environment. Each straw is unique in its shape and color nuance and also an ecological alternative to conventional plastic straws. Compostable!
+ golden biscotti

coniferous clock

coniferous clock / Bril

A brilliant clock that comes with a pendulum indicating not only the time of the day and night but also indicates the change of seasons! The cedar leaves that fill the round shaped frame of the clock age gracefully and slowly over the course of the 365 days of the year.
“We could feel the seasons in our homes as if we were in forests. The bundle of sharp leaves create a fine-pixel picture that makes the gradation from green to brown more exquisite.”
+ bril

rattan stool

Rattan Stool / Wiktoria Szawiel

a stool designed by Wiktoria Szawiel (from Poland), made of rattan, widely available, thus sustainable!

+ wiktoria szawiel

man of hay light

man of hay light / tante lotte

is an ambient light source made from real Alpine hay and flowers, reminiscent of the same-named “man of hay” humanoid haystacks found in the fields of Austria’s Tyrol.
+ tante lotte

dhiana rug


Dhiana means meditation in Sanskrit; the sinuous shapes of the rug appear from the relationship between circles of different sizes that remind me of the harmonic shapes of a Zen garden.

get up

get up /Martin Azua

A collection of seats that invite to play and interact with them. Are weighted and seem to have interior life. The counterweight makes them to be upright to save space. They have different positions: as a stool, rocking chair, small seat…

grass lamps

grass lamp / pinwu

Xuan Lamp:
Within this lamp the bamboo is changed into fine and smooth slices. Its shape is easy to control. Especially by a breeze through an open window the delicate curves of bamboo are fluttering and dancing.

straw bench

straw bench/ hannastina crick

Hannastina Crick, a connoisseur uninformed from Brighton University, believes which we should all live closer to nature.

grass shade

grassland grass lamp/ 360seegallery

Natural Grass Object.
Real grass on fabric lamp shade proportioned to be used as a hanging swag lamp.
The grass has been painted green and should retain most of its lush color.

belvedere baskets

belvedere baskets/ fabricafeatures

Belvedere is a collection of unique objects that showcase landscapes of Italian heritage as places of creative inspiration. Ten international designers were invited to visit ten of the most stunning locations in Italy, as a distinctive collaboration between FAI and Fabrica.

daisy garden rug

daisy rug

Joe Jin’s Daisy Garden Rug is playful, interactive and “brings the outdoors in.”

tread carpet

tread carpet/ Martin Azua

A carpet made of esparto that reproduces the footprints. The grass is a traditional material which is manufactured with the soles of the sandals. The carpet is made by women artisans from the region of Murcia.
+ martinazua

made of chair

made of chair/ Kim Beeen

“Made of Chair” by Been Kim, part of the ‘meet by chance’ exhibition of korean designers, designed by Korean designer Been Kim is made of compressed rice straw.

moss shoes

moss shoes/ sensoree

NATURA pathos line of footwear brings nature to your feet. The next time you are too busy to go the forest or park, bring the park to you with wearable nature insoles that transport your body and mind to the natural world.

growth plate

growth plate/ nmusalonesatellite

Growth Plate is a manifestation of the hybrid environment studied in urban ecology. By forcing contact with living representatives of this environment, Growth Plate furthers awareness of their existence.

tyvek & wheat grass fashion

tyvek & wheat grass fashion/ wrk-shop

The dress is part of the wrk-shp fall winter 2011 collection, which is an exploration of materials used from architecture in clothing construction.